High Sympathetic Nervous System Activity May be Effecting Blood Vessels in Fibromyalgia


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People with more severe FM may have less elastic blood vessels in FM.

Int Angiol. 2015 Feb 12. [Epub ahead of print] Evaluation of aortic elastic properties in patients with fibromyalgia. Ozcan OU1, Ozcan DS, Candemir B, Aras M, Koseoglu BF, Erol C. Author information


Chronic high sympathetic activity may lead to various negative cardiovascular responses in fibromyalgia. We aimed to investigate the elastic properties of the aorta in patients with fibromyalgia in this study.

One hundred and twelve women with fibromyalgia and 50 healthy controls were enrolled. Elastic parameters of aorta (aortic distensibility, aortic stiffness index) were calculated by pre--determined formulas. Additionally fibromyalgia patients were subdivided into two groups as severely symptomatic (group A) and less symptomatic patients (group B).

Aortic distensibility was significantly lower in group A than group B and control (3.18±1.35 vs 4.00±0.99 and 4.03±0.6, p= 0.03 and 0.007 respectively). Aortic stiffness index was significantly higher in group A than group B and control group (5.85±1.48 vs 3.97±1.23 and 3.79±0.72, p=0.001 and p<0.001 respectively).

These findings suggest that elastic properties of aorta are impaired in patients with severely symptomatic fibromyalgia.


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Cort, I happily made a donation and 'joined up.' I am looking for more 'neck' discussions, or maybe to start one.

It is interesting that sympathetic nerves wrap the vertebral artery in the neck. Didn't know this til yesterday. So, neck /craniocervical junction disturbances ( ie misalignments/congenital boney/vascular issues) have a direct link to altered CSF flow from the brain and abnormal sympathetic stimulation due disturbance/compression of the vertebral arteries.

Even though the vertebral arteries ( compared to the carotid arteries) only carry about 20% of the blood to the brain, these arteries serve critical areas ( like hypothalamus) where we may have problems.

The gold standard test for vertebral artery syndrome is an MRA ( mr angiogram). Doppler ultrasound is more common, but is
significantly limited because the bones of cervical spine overlie most of the artery !!

How many CFS patients have had this MRA ?? I am trying to get one, but docs see my diagnosis, and despite having multiple symptoms/neck trauma history, are very reluctant to do anything - except encourage me to take Cymbalta. ^%$#@&!!! This must
change if we are to make any progress.

Please help find a place for this information/discussion. I have been upright 20 minutes now, and must lie down. Much worse after overreaching into lemon tree to get fruit.
Full autonomic mayhem.

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