High THC Cannabis - Sleep Inducer and MCS Buster - Who Knew?


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I have been taking THC cannabis for a very long time also, till the day my friend recommended me to try the CBD Oil. I’ve been using it for the past 8 to 10 months and I can say that it does the job just right, it helps against my sleep disorder and anxiety that i kept getting from time to time and it doesn't build up any tolerance. I usually get them from knockoutcbd.com at a very accessible price. Also for all those that want to quit smoking it could be an excellent solution also. My wife and i completely given up on cigarettes and never been more happier than now.


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What a story, Cort. I think a lot of has ever had problems with sleep. Btw, has anyone ever tried CBDP for curing anxiety problems? How was it?


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I'm happy that your sleep is great now. It's always been a serious issue for me. When my brother died, the real problems began. I just couldn't fall asleep. In addition to the sleep troubles, I couldn't get rid of anxiety. So, I've been living in such conditions for 2 years. It's actually hard to call it "living," but it is the way it was. And you know, I had no desire to drink alcohol because I think it's trash. It's hard addiction that has no sense. That was the time I first saw CBDP for sale on stateofmindlabs.com. And you know, then I felt relieved. It took me 3 months to recover and come back to normal life. That's my story. Btw, someone asked there about CBDP for anxiety issues. It's helped me, so I'm sure it will help you too. So, thanks for sharing your one, Cort. I can really understand you.


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Wow, I found the CBDP a tad expensive - $8,000 - $32,000… ! Can anyone recommend a reliable source for it AND/OR THC, so it doesn’t take all my lunch allowance?🥸. I would also like to try the MJ edibles… ?🤷‍♂️
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Yes, it is. When I entered college, I had trouble sleeping
All this is due to stress, and constant anxiety due to problems in my studies, given that I had to study and work simultaneously. I couldn't sleep properly, woke up at night, and couldn't sleep anymore. A friend recommended to me, in his words, one of the best weed stores and top Burlington dispensary. I started using marijuana before going to bed. When I smoked for the first time, I felt it was the best sleep in my life. I don't know if I had insomnia or not, but we solved my problem.


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For those of you who find THC to help your sleep: what are your experiences if you stop taking it for a few days?

My routine has been to take 10-20 mg of THC edibles on weekend mornings, and not take any on weekdays (so 2 days "on", then 5 days "off"). I sleep fine each night I've taken the THC in the morning. But then, a few days after I stop taking the THC, I experience very "light" sleep, as in, I'm awake all night. And this persists night after night for weeks! It's like my brain is wired. The weird thing is that I don't feel tired in the daytime after these "light sleep" nights. If anything, quite the opposite - I feel energized!

I think I'm going to try low-dose THC daily, and see how that affects my daytime energy and my sleep at night. But I'm concerned about developing tolerance. Any suggestions would be welcome!
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