Highly Recommended Article: 'Pain is Weird'

Discussion in 'Relieving Pain' started by Remy, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Remy

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    This is by far one of the best articles on pain that I've ever read. It's long but I think it's worth it. Some funny video clips too! I hope everyone suffering with pain will read it.


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  2. Cort

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    This is a really important article! I agree that everyone who is pain should read it.

    It's weird how even when we are in pain that it sometimes just vanishes completely for periods of time.

    It reminds of the remarkable pain story in Norman Doidge's latest book....Incredible what the mind can do at times.
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  3. Ladyliegh

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    Very interesting, I remember an article a few years ago that said, vocalizing, (complaining) about pain actually helped to relieve some of it.
    I know pain is directed from our brain, but too much of this line of thinking could be dangerous. Pain is warning us something is wrong.
    I always look away when getting stitches, it seemed to help, however getting staples removed from my leg, hurt like crazy even though I wasn't looking.
    Distraction from pain is helpful, but ignoring pain can be dangerous.:sour:
  4. Very important and useful post. Must be watched by all those who are suffering from pain and never ever ignore pain as it can lead to incurable diseases.