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Hi Everyone. I am looking for a REFERRAL. I am wondering if anyone has had a great experience (or please report if even you’ve had a NOT so great experience) with a HOLISTIC ONLY/Functional Medicine type, very experienced practitioner that is skilled in healing longstanding fatigue conditions (due to heavy metal toxicity and pathogens, etc.)? I am looking for a great referral, Pacific Standard Time zone ideal, but is not required.

What IS required is that they accept and respond promptly to EMAIL questions or problems after becoming a patient, post appointments, etc. Also what is required is that they have a live staff person answering the phone during regular business hours that can help answer protocol questions if there are probs (herxing, etc.), or can interface with the doctor/practitioner during the day and get right back to me.

I am seeking a health practitioner that is skilled, and has available staff to assist while they might be unavailable with patients. Ideally an ND, MD or the like, but it’s not an obstacle if not. In my dreams come true, the practitioner would be an ND or MD that does remote muscle testing and employs herbs and nutraceuticals.

My challenge is that at my worst I am not able to make calls (due to lethargy, sound sensitivity/brain inflammation, etc….I know as my peeps, YOU GET THIS, right?!?), so I need to be able to email in if I need to, and count on swift replies. I have previously paid a practitioner, then had problems with the protocol, and she (Barbara Frank, terrible person) blew off answering me via email (sheer laziness) and INSISTED that I call instead, which I was never able to do. (She also insisted that I was fine, and not as ill as I was stating. WT*?)

Anyone have this going on, where you need the practioner/staff to just promptly email you back in a timely way without having to call? If you want to pm me, please respond here to let me know you have so I’ll get notified.

This is time sensitive, so I appreciate you all in advance. (It’s times like these that I REALLY again miss Rich Van K.) Sending gratitude for any replies.


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OP: You don't mention where you reside. That would help, right? I live in So Cal and have quite a few holistic type MD's, they are Integrative MD's...

Is CFS you main issue? That is not mine but FM and OA and a mess from hip replacement...otherwise I am my own doctor for my general health...I do my own muscle testing and pendulum dowsing and am often correct in my attempts to find the right or almost right remedy. At 82, I manage and am healthy but with pain from the messy hip replacement and that was 10 yrs ago.

I'd like to help more but I don't know what to say, if you have a specific question or two I could try to offer some help thru my pendulum...otherwise....


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Hi! What a STAR you are, @jaminhealth! THANK YOU for your offer to assist! :happy: Yes!

I would like to p.m. with you and can provide more details. As you know, working with telemedicine, geography doesn't matter Where the physician is anymore. However, let's p.m. and I can share more one-on-one. I love that you offered*to dowse* for me! Thank you for that. I also do remote muscle testing and I am confident we can help each other. Sorry to hear about your pain from your hip, and I have some suggestions and information about that that you may enjoy. You are a trooper at your wise young age. :)
Look for pm later.

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