Homeopathy - My Cure after 15 years

My story to beat the tiredness

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    Homeopathy - My Cure after 15 years - My story to beat the tiredness

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    Interesting about the gelsemium homeopathic remedy that you said within a week of starting it triggered a fever and severe tonsillitis, after which you found your ME/CFS was much improved. The main active ingredient of the gelsemium appears to be the toxic compound gelsemine.

    Because homeopathy uses such minute doses, in general it's hard to see how homeopathy can work at all. However, in the specific case of homeopathic remedies consisting of minute doses of potently toxic compounds, it makes more sense that such remedies will have physiological effects in the body.

    This is because some toxins are so potent, that even very tiny doses, they are likely to have a physiological action. After all, that's the principle of botox: using incredibly tiny amounts of botulinum toxin for beneficial purposes, whereas larger amounts would be fatal.

    The ignatia homeopathic remedy you used also contains minute quantities of a toxin (strychnine).

    Do you know what potency of the gelsemium and ignatia homeopathic remedies you used? Homeopathic potencies (dilutions) are usually expressed by the terms 4C, 5C, 7C, etc, ... right up to 30C.

    Once you get to dilutions of 12C and higher (12C = dilution by 10 to the power of 24), you find you no longer have any molecules of the original substance left in your homeopathic solution; in other words, your homeopathic solution is just plain water (this is based on Avogadro's number). But for low homeopathic dilutions like 4C or 5C, there is still a bit of the original substance in the solution, which may have a physiological effect.
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    There's so much we don't know yet. It could be a quantum change to the water molecules, or a rearrangement of the hydrogen bonds that's left after the dilution is no longer likely to contain any toxin. Maybe the water is attempting to dilute the toxin even after it's gone. I'm saying attempting, but I'm not sure that water has consciousness. I'm also not sure that it doesn't. Every major religion (with a few modern exceptions) counts the sun, the water, the rocks, and plants as conscious beings that protect and produce life. I think we will discover how that is when enough science has shown it.

    We already know many things that can be considered "protective" of life. The oceans absorbing carbon dioxide, which coincidentally protects us from our own fossil fuel folly. Some would say we don't deserve such protection. But it isn't just us that are protected by biophysical principles, all life is protected the same way. It "just so happens" that oxygen (not abundant on planets without life) turns to ozone in the upper atmosphere and protects us from too much radiation? Hmm, looks like there is a Creator after all. At least to me.

    We may be wrong about what form the Creator takes, but every time I learn more about how these principles keep us alive as if it's some amazing coincidence, it strengthens my belief that we're (all life, even the insects) special somehow to something. That's perhaps the reason why I have faith at all. It's bizarre that so many others see coincidence as a lie (conservatives) and so many use it to try and disprove faith (atheists). Maybe neither extreme can stand it that we've discovered some of the footsteps of God (whatever that is). Coincidence or design? Your choice.

    In any case, stories like this can't be pure coincidence. There are too many, and often the story is NOT by people who have anything to sell. But that doesn't mean that it will work for everyone. When reason becomes this gossamer thin, the individuals involved must have excellent intuition to make it work repeatedly.

    The part of the story I like best: "I think at the time, he thought I was suffering from anxiety and depression, but the only thing I was anxious about was the constant feeling of being tired and not being able to go to work and live properly. "

    Exactly! I often tell my doctor, wouldn't you be anxious if this was happening to you? Well less often once we found the high levels of Igg to some viruses. Would anyone only treat a cancer patient's anxiety? Just because it's not easy to test for doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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    Hi Hip,

    I believe she was giving me 200c, but I'll check. I'm now taking 30c, and less frequently as apart of the weaning off process.

    My belief is that homeopathy helps the body to restore it's imbalances, so it can be effective in return to a healthy state. It's quite an in depth subject, my homeopath studied for 7 years in India, much like a medical doctor here.

    I'm just glad to have tried it.
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    rosco84, I just read your whole story on the "recovery" and the gelsemium and have shared this with a friend, she is looking into this homeopathic.

    Hope this finds you still doing well.
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    I really want to try this homeopathic method!! I feel like I've tried everything but this is a new one. I've suffered from ME/CFS since 1995 and I'm done with it! Thank you for sharing!
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    Another possibility: a serious case of dihydrogen monoxide deficiency that homeopathy slowly cured.
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    Rosco What a great account if your recovery and a fantastic result. So glad you have experienced homeopathy. I don't suppose you could give your homeopaths name and location? There's so much we dont know about medicine and about the effects of treating the symptomswith strong drugs. I hope you are continuing to do well.
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    Hi Bevnico,

    I'm doing well thank you. The homeopath i see is based in Essex. Here is her website, it has all of her contact details on there: https://www.ashahomeopathy.co.uk/

    Feel free to contact her if she's within your area. I hope she can help!

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    Ah bless you, thank you!
    Glad to hear that you are doing well. I have been using homeopathy for minor ailments for years, but need professional help now.
    That's really good to know. I'm in Cambridgeshire so not too far away. :)
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    My daughter has been using an HGH Homeopathic Gel for going on 8 months and she says she's feeling like 20 again and she's 55. So so so many reversals in her health and years of damage.

    She brought it to me and I'm in my 5th month and the reversals and damage done is remarkable and I'm 81 soon.

    This is a transdermal gel that goes into the skin and costwise is about $5 a day so I'll get that right out there.

    I have more energy, more flexibility, DEEPER and BETTER sleep. Sleep is the first thing everyone who uses it says they get, better sleep.

    HGH reverses the body's damage and aging. Our HGH is about depleted between 20-30.

    I can have my daughter talk to you about it more, she is a distributor. Some report results in a few days and I felt some shift in close to a month. So it's individual and depending on the damage and age of the person.

    Something tells me it can really help FM/CFS people.

    We are in So Calif but this product is all over the U.S. and thru a word of mouth is what is best.
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    Here are the ingredients in the Gel, my daughter calls it Gold Gel:

    Glandula Suprarenalis Suis 6X
    Thyroiudinum 8X
    Somatropin 30X

    Ascorbid Acid
    Aloe Barbadensis Leaf
    Gingko Biloba
    Wild Yam Root
    Green Tea Leaf
    Licorice Root
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    Thinking about the price and how long a bottle lasts varies depending on the person and the damage.

    The gel lasts me 4-8 weeks. So with that it's costing me $2.50-$5.00 per day. But I resigned myself that it's doing so much good that it's worth every penny.

    I've never spent $5 or so on a Starbucks and never plan to. I buy no more liquor so I save money there. Making changes in one's lifestyle and spending goes a long way.
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