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Homeopathy - My Cure after 15 years

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have CFS now for 15 yrs and I am bed bound mostly. I just started looing into Homeopathy, can you share your homeopaths name please? Thank you so much!
Who would have thought, that water is able to cure SEID!
Thanks for sharing your story. I have had good results with homeopathy for emotional and physical issues in the past too.
Thanks for telling your story and congratulations. I know of at least two people who were cured using homeopathy. However it works it can be really strong stuff.
I'm new to the site, great story and good news about the homeopathy. I hope your good health continues.
Thanks for this story! I like how personal the cure was. I think the Homeopath, Asha, was very skilled. This story is very "holistic" we used to say. Your cure is likely to be different from mine, but a good Homeopath can possibly help us. What bothers modern science is that your cure and mine aren't the same for the same illness. Well, nobody can help that, because you and I are different people, and we took two different paths to the same place (that is to ME/CFS). It's also logical that our path out of illness will be different. Thank you again, I'm so glad you're well! :)

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