How badly is alpha-lipoic acid affected by taking with food?

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  1. November Girl

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    I already have meds scheduled 6 times a day, and have to eat every 3 hours. The easiest time to add the alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine is with breakfast and dinner. How much does this change the effective dose of the supplements?
  2. Remy

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    I don't think anyone knows exactly what percentage it will decrease absorption to take with food unfortunately.

    I will say that when I first got sick, I didn't know any better and took all my supps, including ALA and L-carnitine with food. And I still went into remission.

    This time around I'm taking them on an empty stomach for the most part and I'm still not fully recovered. So I think maybe there are other factors at work that may be more critical than the exact timing.
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  3. November Girl

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    Thanks, Remy.
    I just read a recommendation to take it 20 minutes before breakfast. That might be workable. I might even manage that before the evening meal.
    I think that most actual vitamins should be taken with food. So far I take all of my supplements with food. Maybe I should rethink this.
  4. Cort

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    Are you seeing any effects from the ALA and Carnintine?
  5. November Girl

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    I've let my my sleep patterns get absolutely crazy. On top of that, remembering to take all of my meds, and at the right time has been a mess as well. So I can't really answer this.

    I can tell you that the LDN I started awhile back is helping a lot. I'm still gradually titrating up, so expect to feel a lot more benefit.