How long to try Dr Pridgens Protocol for

NZ Ann

I have been lucky to have my NZ GP contact Dr pridgen to get his protocol for antivirals and Celebrex.
I’ve been on them for 4 months with no sign of improvement, but no side effects either.
How long have people taken them before Dr Pridgen has suggested stopping the drugs?


I've been on Pridgen's protocol for 6 months. So far the only thing that's gone is the morning pain (had pain so bad upon waking I wanted to throw myself against a wall. No relief from the other symptoms I have (CFS, IBS, etc.) but no pain is a good thing.
When I went to Alabama and saw him, he told me I need to work on all the other things wrong as well. Along with the anti-virals I'm also taking a anti-depressant and am going to have food allergy tests taken.

All the physicians that believe in the viral component to fibromyalgia also believe there's more going on and your entire health needs to be worked on as well.

I'm doing everything I can to make that happen. It took me almost 4 months before I noticed a change. Other Dr's feel it could be up to 6 months.


NZ Ann

Hi Dan
I’ve been on Dr Pridgens protocol for nearly 9 months now and I am only just realising that my symptoms are slowly subsiding. I live in New Zealand, my GP has been in contact with Dr pridgen via email from the start of treatment. His advice at 6 months of treatment was to keep going. The reduction of symptoms has been subtle but I have less of the of the aching muscle flu type pain, so I’m guessing my immune system is less over active. I definitely have more cognitive energy and when I crash the PEM only lasts 2 or 3 days instead of weeks. I’ve only come to realise all of this in the last 6 weeks so my advice is to keep going. Personally if my GP is happy I’m going to keep going for at least a year unless my kidney function starts to drop.

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