How To Donate Shoes for the ME Action #Millions Missing Protest in DC


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For those not that have not seen this this is part of MEActions protests on the 25th.

ME Action is coordinating protests in Washington DC and other satellite locations on May 25. Many of us are not well enough and/or don't have enough money to come in person, but we are invited to send shoes as a way of symbolically joining the protest. (We are also invited to photograph our shoes--even if we cannot send them.)

We are now accepting shoe donations!

To participate in the #MillionsMissing campaign, please send your shoes to:

Paige Maxon
P.O. Box 26051
Winston Salem, NC 27114

(The shoes will be transported to the DC demonstration from NC)

AND Fill Out this Form, if you have not already.

**Include your name on the return address of your shipment to match your name on the form.**

Please have your shoes mailed by Tuesday, May 10th

You can send a pair of old shoes or if it’s difficult to get to the post office, order shoes on Amazon or Ebay and have them shipped directly to us. Try to send a pair of shoes that represents you – perhaps your personality, fashion style, age, gender, or careers and hobbies that you may not be able to participate in any longer.

During the protest, we will post images of these shoes to #MEAction’s social media account using the #MillionsMissing hashtag, so patients can see that they are being represented during the demonstration. The shoes will also be tagged with your information from the form.

If you have any questions, please



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Here is my contribution for today's protest --- from my front porch!
MillionsMissing_Activity Graveyard Collection_LN.JPG

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