How to know if Mast Cell Treatments are working?

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    Hey, it's Denise B here. Working now with Theresa Dowell, so thankful! Taking the Mast Cell Treatments, same as on Mast Cell Disorder websites, Histamines 1 and 2, Ranitidine (GERD med), Montelukast, Quercetin, timed release C, etc. It's been several weeks now. Also taking Valtrex and Apegenin (adaptogen herb)
    She said if my sound and light sensitivity improve, that the Claritin is working. But overall, how do we know the protocol is effective for us? Will my MCS get better? Will my sensory overload get better? If I don't notice any help after a couple of months, does that mean I don't have a MAST Cell Disorder, or that I just don't respond to the therapy? I want to know what some other patients' experiences have been, what you have learned. My sensory overload prevents me from reading all the articles here on MAST Cell.
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