How to Obtain a Wheelchair that meets our unique needs?

Dawn M. Lauryn

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Hi All,
It's finally the point where I have to face the music and accept that the time to get a wheelchair was in the past, not some date in the future. I imagine a lot of us had a hard time coming to grips with this. For me personally, I was so accustomed to being in remission that I've been in denial even ever since I've been fully disabled and I should have addressed this issue long ago, but I just kept hoping things would change, despite being unable to even clean my home and meet my ADLs. Well after some exhaustive research I think I found the perfect's slim, so will be able to work in the home, it has add on parts like head rest and leg lifts, and it's also lightweight so that if a friend picks me up to take me somewhere or if my boyfriend needs to take me to the doctor, we can take the other person's car and they should have the ability to pick it up and put it in the back of their car without needing special equipment. This chair looks PERFECT:
This vendor isn't on the medicare vendor provider. Karman I'm trying to reach them about this, but I wonder what anyone else's experience has we need to actually ask for full blown assistance with a standing wheelchair in order to get help getting a wheelchair? Geez, I suppose it could be argued that's what we all really need, but honestly I'm having a hard enough time just admitting to myself I need a wheelchair at all and I'd like to be able to stand on my own as much as possible and going for a full blown chair with stand assistance seems to me like prematurely throwing in the towel, but idk...has anyone used medicare to get a chair and would you be willing to share your knowledge on the subject? Is there a vendor out there that is medicare approved and has the knowledge to deal with our needs, which relate heavily to POTS, hence the need for the recline, head support, and leg lift??? Our needs are very different from what I imagine others with different illnesses/disabilities have. Honestly I need both a scooter and a wheelchair but the wheelchair seems the best place to start as this impacts OTHER people who actually have to lift our equipment for us.

Thanks in advance!


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