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This is follow up to my "Cause and Cure" thread in which I posted my theory on how CFS/ME/FM, & "chronic Lyme" are caused and maintained by a general pattern of "mechanical collapse or dislocation."

This first video explains most of what was key to my recovery and listening to others who have claimed recovery. What to do. What to avoid.

The second is a demonstration of "intuitive stretching," the key to recovery. When recording it back in summer 2014 I had made huge progress, but my energy would still fluctuate, injuries would still aggravate, and still had particular symptoms like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and IBS. If you look at my shirt during the video, it doesn't fit me symmetrically. The left sleeve falls lower on my left arm than the right sleeve. It's just one hint of the shoulder-girdle asymmetry that the vast majority of those with CFS/ME will have.

The particular patterns and stretches I demonstrate are not necessarily the best for everyone at any one time. There are many phases in progressing through this mechanical collapse and eventually re-stabilizing the body. Intuitive stretching is a skill that must be practiced.

How to Recover:

Intuitive Stretching Demonstration:
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Victor Maalouf

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I have a question, part of an unashamed bump.

For anyone who does have noticeable joint/mechanical/musculoskeletal issues that you can feel or see by looking in the mirror, like asymmetry in your hips, torso, shoulders, neck, and head...

Regardless of what happens in the future, like if a drug was invented that could instantly cure CFS/ME and/or Fibromyalgia, you would still have these musculoskeletal issues that could be improved right? They may be drastic enough to continue to cause problems right? If CFS/ME/FM really did have some mysterious immune or neurological root cause, fixing it isn't just going to make your mechanical issues go away would it?

That's what I figured during my rapid crash. I had been studying to be a personal trainer. The newly worsened asymmetry in my body and injuries were a big hint that the cause of my worsening fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms were mechanical. It was something that I knew need fixing and a way I could intervene. Plus, if you look at the most healthy people, they're symmetrical aren't they? You're not going to see many top athlete with pain, weakness, and a limp in one leg are you?

So I did intervene, progressively, and was pleasantly surprised (not really) when various symptoms instantaneously relieved directly after certain progress.

Now, it's honestly not very easy. It takes time, energy, and focus. The nature of this mechanical collapse I've been seeing in everyone with these syndromes is like quicksand. When you make progress, much of it eventually reverts and slides you back. Some of it would always stay, but there were certain activities, movement patterns, and poor breathing in particular that can cause relapses. Everyone can benefit from help.

The final point is that most people are underestimating how resilient these mechanical instabilities are. Once you experience it, you begin to realize why these syndromes can be so chronic. However, I believe it's possible everyone can make substantial recoveries, even (perhaps especially) the worst off of us.

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