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I would like to try the gel but am awaiting word from my endocrinologist to see if further testing is needed of my hgh/IGF1 level before I change anything....I am afraid any gel or other supplements might raise or change levels, so am awaiting word from her....if they can't help me then gel seems the way to go for sure but am afraid to change anything just yet...Thanks again for the input.....BTW, I did genotropin therapy via injection for about 3.5 years and did have good results! Have a great day!


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My morning Wake Up Revelation. I've been having lab work done for some 50 yrs give or take and don't believe the IGF1 test has ever been done. It's Important as we deplete every minute with age.

The docs don't go there and it's a Crime as we would all come up LOW LOW LOW...unless we are younger than about 30.

If they keep us sick and aged, they make all their money and keep all their patients.

Think about it FOLKS.....


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Larry, maybe you missed this other thread on the HGH ....

And believe me, we don't have money to throw away, to spend what we do on our HGH, it's got to be benefiting us.
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There are some quite young PWME. Unless they're all suffering from low HGH, I don't think it's a major factor in developing ME.
HGH is significant but not in the way that you might think. It does not cause CFS but it could be reduced because of the effect that the infection has on a very important area which controls hormones. I have noticed a significant amount of people with this effect, I have it as well. It goes along with the hypothalamus "dysfunction" <- lol.

It is why I use Tu Si Zi daily along with Gou Qi Zi.


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Well, I have to believe it's a support for FM/CFS or why would Dr Holtorf in Torrance CA use it for his patients.

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