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This feels like a MUST READ for anybody who has an ongoing interest in MMS. It's definitely on my list of things to explore further. Looks to me like HA could be an especially important disinfectant to be aware of in a world where people seem to be becoming more and more vulnerable to opportunistic infections. -- Click on the title of the article to go to the website, where you can read a few comments.

January Story of the Month

by BRYAN on JANUARY 6, 2017

We normally do a “supplement” of the month. I’m calling this month’s post a “story,” because the stuff I talk about here isn’t proven to be safe for use as a supplement. I’ve taken it internally myself, but I certainly don’t suggest you do that – please consult a doctor. So, for the record, I’m officially NOT recommending you take this stuff internally!

The story begins with MMS. Many of you are familiar with MMS. There’s a chapter on MMS in my latest book. I think MMS is a very legit, important, interesting product. I won’t go into it here. But you should learn about it if you can. Again, MMS really isn’t supposed to be consumed internally according to the FDA and other health officials, so I won’t recommend that you consume it. I have, without problem. But I’m not a doctor. You need to consult a doctor, not me, on this. OK, so the legal disclaimer is out of the way.

When I got my foot infection which I’ve told you all about, I was desperate for relief and hundreds of supplements and ointments didn’t make a dent in it. So tough. But, my podiatrist started using this gel on my wound which had hypochlorous acid in it. It actually helped quickly. I was blown away.
Hypochlorous Acid (which I’ll call HA from now on) is another industrial biocide, similar to MMS, which they use to clean and disinfect pools, sewers, etc.

Little did I know that Jim Humble and the other leaders of the MMS movement had also invented something they call MMS 2. Little did I know that MMS 2 was also HA! So, ironically, my podiatrist had been using (topically) an MMS 2 formula on my foot. Of course, she doesn’t call it MMS 2, that’s a special name coined by Jim Humble and his movement.

I figured if the MMS 2 (HA) was helping topically, why not take it internally? Jim Humble and his followers have written about it being used internally, and I spoke with some other people who had used it internally too. So, I began taking it internally. I won’t provide the instructions here, I’ll tell you why in a minute.

In any case, my conclusion is that I do not believe taking MMS 2 internally is safe. It gave me what I believe to be a bad eusophagus burn. I do not condone its use internally.

I was dissapointed that I could not use MMS 2 internally, as it seemed to be helping the foot. But upon further research, I discovered some other interesting information. MMS 2 is actually NOT HA, it is a precursor chemical to HA that is converted to HA when it touches water.

Interestingly, the product my podiatrist was using on my foot is much, much gentler. It is actual HA (not the precursor), but it is only a .02% concentration. So it is similar to MMS 2 but different because it is a much smaller concentration and it is the HA itself, not the precursor.

I also talked to a scientist who said consuming this .02 solution is much gentler than consuming MMS 2.

So, I started consuming the .02% HA solution. Not only did it help me tremendously, but I also noticed zero side effects. So, maybe I should coin the phrase “MMS 3” for this version of it? I won’t coin that, but it might be accurate because it is similar to MMS 1 and MMS 2, but different as well.

HA is a well studied chemical, and medicine has also used it extensively, so it’s a bit more accepted than MMS 1 and MMS 2, which are both fully rejected by mainstream medicine as very dangerous (and I personally would agree that MMS 2 is dangerous, though I haven’t had any problem with MMS 1). For example, here’s a scientific study which was published in the Wound Care Journal, which is absolutely fascinating. They don’t necessarily advocate using it internally, but when used on wounds, it helped the wounds heal. What’s fascinating about it though, is that it not only kills bugs, it also neutralizes their toxins, and allowed people who would normally lose limbs to necrotizing fasciatis, keep their limbs.

This is of course relevant to Lyme sufferers because we deal with not only bugs, but also toxins. Similarly, in my tetanus battle, it is the tetanus toxin that does the damage, so it’s the same situation. HA is very unique among biocides because of this dual ability. Furthermore, HA, similarly to MMS, also destroys biofilms and other organic debris.

So, what’s the moral of the story? For me, it goes something like this: I’ve used MMS 1 without problems, MMS 2 gave me lots of problems, but using HA in the diluted, .02% concentration, gave me no side effects and a lot of benefit.

Now, again, I don’t recommend that YOU do this. I was forced to experiment on myself because the tetanus situation really took me out. I think anyone else wanting to try this should ONLY do so under the care of a doctor. It’s not approved for use in humans, and I’m not a doctor. It’s important that I provide this legal disclaimer, because you need to know that this stuff isn’t medically “approved” for use, and I’m not medically qualified to tell you to use it.

The brand of HA I have been using without any perceptible side effects is called Briotech – you can get it on Amazon or on Briotech’s website. I have no financial connection or other incentive to recommend this product. The inventor claims that it is a much more pure product, without additives or preservatives, hence I chose this one for my internal use. But be advised: even the company itself does not condone using it internally, and the bottle says only “Topical Skin Spray.” There is NO safe and proven dosing schedule or established protocol for using it internally, and there may in fact be negative side effects which I haven’t experienced yet but which I may experience as long-term side effects. So again, don’t try this at home without consulting a doctor!

So, there you have it – another tidbit I’ve learned from this crazy tetanus situation. I have more to come – more things to share with you, more new products and lessons which I’ve learned from tetanus but which also have some applicability to Lyme disease research. Thanks for reading!

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I use Vetericyn on cuts and wounds...for myself and the dogs alike. It works great! Apparently it is the same sort of thing...


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I don't have sufficient understanding of chemistry to say this with any certainly, but since hypochlorous acid is formed when chlorine gas (Cl2) is dissolved in water, ingesting dilute hypochlorous acid will be like drinking highly chlorinated water.

Now, we know that one of the dangers of water chlorination is that the chlorine can react with organic matter floating in the water (eg, leaves or twigs), and create the carcinogenic compounds trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids.

So potentially, drinking dilute hypochlorous acid might create a reaction with the organic matter in your stomach (the food in your stomach), and create these same carcinogens.

In the case of chlorine dioxide, the chemical formed by Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), ClO2 does not form these trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids (which is why chlorine dioxide is considered a safer agent than chlorine for municipal tap water disinfection).
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