If You Had A Hammer - What Would You Do?


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“If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, All over this land” Pete Seeger and Lee Hays

People with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are by definition limited in how much they can do. Many are too limited to take on anything extra. Others have some energy they could devote to something, but lack the opportunity to do so. Some healthy people would probably love to help out but they don’t know how to either. Those are the people this blog is focused on.

The question is if you had a partner or partners what might you do? What kind of project would you love to take on if you had the means to do so? What skill set would you polish off if you had the chance? If you’re healthy what would you contribute if you had the opportunity?

The Microbiome Discovery Project is an example of what’s possible. It was done entirely by people with ME/CFS. You’d never know very ill people created a beautiful, professional looking website that ended up raising over $220,000 for the Lipkin/Hornig microbiome study. Now they’re moving onto other research projects.

It doesn’t have to be a large project and it doesn’t have to be an ME/CFS/FM project.

Or maybe you have a skill but no place to employ it. You can’t take on a full-time job but you can work 5 or 10 or so hours a week. You’d love to use some of your skills, but just don’t have the opportunity. Speaking closer to home Stavya Grover is good example. He has ME/CFS and he works 1-2 hours a day on Health Rising. He’s had an enormous impact on this website.

I have the idea that if we could put our old ways of working aside and replace our tendency to work hard, hard, hard at a project with an emphasis on patience, understanding and having fun we could get more done.

Health Rising is exploring creating a marketplace for projects and people with skillsets (volunteer or paid) for people with ME/CFS/FM and their healthy supporters. A place where the community can come together to work and support each other. It’s an idea I’m exploring. Is it worth doing? Let me know….
  • Do you have a project you’d like to take on but need partners to do it?
  • Do you have a skill you could contribute if the right project was available?
  • Do you have a skill people might pay you to use?
  • Do you know healthy people that would volunteer their skills if the right project was available?


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