Fibromyalgia If you have Fibromyalgia - You Probably Have Another Disorder as Well


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A recent study of FM patients found very high comorbidity rates. The group sampled averaged 59 years so some increased rates of other disorders was expected. Some of the findings were really high - chronic headaches/migraines, high cholesterol (?) and a 75% rate of depression. High rates of depression suggest the two disorders have some underlying cofactors. High rates of anxiety as well. I haven't checked out where they got the participants in the sample from
Physical Disorders
• 88.7% had chronic joint pain/degenerative arthritis
• 62.4% had migraines or chronic headaches
• 51.3% had high cholesterol
• 48% had obesity
• 46.2% had high blood pressure
• 17.9% had type 2 diabetes
• 32.5% had irritable bowel syndrome
• 24.8% had plantar fasciitis (a painful disorder affecting the heel and underside of the foot)
• 17.4% had temporomandibular joint disorder (problems affecting the jaw joint)
• 15.3% had chronic pelvic pain

Mental Health
  • • 75.1% had depression
    • 56.5% had anxiety
    • 50.6% had insomnia
    • 20.3% had restless leg syndrome


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Interesting. Although I'd like to be able to compare the numbers to those of general-population 59-year-olds. (Me, I do match most of the ailments listed.)

It never occurred to me that my restless leg syndrome -- which has been pretty severe for more than ten years -- was considered a "mental health" issue. I have all types of neuropathy documented, and I assumed RLS was neuropathy related. (Not that it matters a great deal, as we increasingly recognize the false distinctions between mind and body; I was just surprised by the categorization.)

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I hate the whole diagnosis of depression. I think its normal and understandable for someone to be depressed with these types of chronic illnesses.
they should differentiate between primary and secondary depression, but I dont think they could unless one had primary depression well before any other medical issues come about.
Interest !
I had migraine headaches from early childhood on; then about 20 yrs ago (eek! I am dating myself) they eased up. Now they are just chronic headaches. Fibro started about 15 yrs ago just didn't know it until much later.
I have always had a depressive personality but certainly Fibro would depress anyone.

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