I'm shredded... Kind of... Does that make sense?


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I was diagnosed with fibro something like 12 years ago. I have a loooot of pain, allodynia etc.
I got really worse in 2015 when for months I couldn't get out of bed, I was so much in pain I couldn't use sheets on my skin or it would hurt like hell, it took me a year without leaving my house to get better. In the meantime I saw Dr. Kaufman and got the diagnosis of ME


Fast foward to a slow recovery in the end of 2016 and then leading something closer to a normal life even if still with a lot of pain, still taking lyrica, LDN and other stuff.
Around 2018 I started working out slowly.
I was getting results and working out made me feel better.
I started working out more and heavier. Now I work out kind of really heavy and I'm way bigger, and kind of shredded. I had a lot of ups and downs. Any little mistake made my back hurt for weeks. I have bursitis on my shoulder (that might've been due wrong movement). Getting bigger means you have to eat a lot more and that sometimes hurt my stomach. Sometimes working out left me exausted and I would have to sleep 12 hours or the whole next day to recover. It's tricky... But for most part I feel better working out.

Does that make sense? could it still be fibro? ME? Or no one with that kind of illness would be able to do that? And probably the most unanswerable question: am I slowly destroying my body or am I making it stronger?
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I don't know what to say to you. What is this about getting "bigger"...When I hurt, it means be gentle with the body.

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