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Since Imunovir is no longer being manufactured I'm curious about other effective immune modulators?

Imunorvir worked well for me. My doctor suggested the supplement Inosine but it didn't do anything.


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You can get immunovir if you want it. Pm me for some links. It's about $100 for a month.

I've used that and Cycloferon. I didn't notice much difference and now that I'm off I'm not noticing anything. Oh and while on it my NK Cell function dropped from 240 to 6. I'm getting retested this week to see if it was a lab error or if my immune system is epically messed up.

I recently started Source Naturals NK-3. They say to start with 6 caps/day for a month then go to 2/ day. Like a dumbass I started too fast and got really sick so stopped. I'm going to try it again at a lower dose.

Also AHCC is supposed to be good but that is really expensive.


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Thanks Minx. I'll PM you for some links. I googled it and sites I found were charging upwards from $269 per month.

It's good you're getting retested. That's quite a drop in NK function. Mine has been at 6 for a couple years.

I tried Pine Bark Extract but it seems to exacerbate the chronic gastritis I have.

Wow--AHCC is expensive! I'll check out NK-3 also.

It's always hard to know where to start when trying new things. I tend to start at a quarter of the dose my doctor recommends.

Editing to add: I can't figure out how to PM you Minx! Lol. My brain isn't working too well. Maybe you can PM me the links? Thanks so much!

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I know AHCC is really expensive which is why I didn't try it. The Source Naturals stuff is expensive too but I figure once I get past the first month it'll be ok. Amazon subscribe and save has it for I think $69.00. I know better about going slow, I just had a total brain fart.

I was taking Pince Cone Extract but didn't really notice much from it so I stopped.

My NK cell is all over the map. Labs Thursdays for a bunch of stuff so we'll see if it was a lab error or not.

My NP is on maternity leave so I'm trying a bunch of stuff. Having some luck with Roxithromycin too. But she pretty much supports anything I do.

I'll PM you now with the link for Immunovir. But if you click on my avatar there is a start a conversation option. Also at the top there is an inbox. You can start one there.


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I'm curious to find out how you do on AHCC also. Good to know about getting AHCC available in bulk via ebay.

I have difficulty swallowing so powder is always better for me anyway.

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@alchemicalfire i think if you're going to mix the powder in something you'll have to figure out a way to get the consistent dosage you need. Not sure how to do that without zapping them. At least then you can open the caps.

Not a bad thought because I also get to a point where I can't gag down one more thing.

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@Strike me lucky how so you know how much powder to put in? I had a completely different idea of what a capping machine was like. I don't know what I thought but not that

i guess this is similar. Comes in different sizes
. That looks pretty easy.

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