immune related gut pathology in ME/CFS


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There's those B-cells again... (btw not really a new finding, but rather a confirmation of previous findings from other researchers) Basically immune dysregulation leads to messed up gut homeostasis in PWME.
We have observed that, in contrast to controls, gut-associated pDCs in subjects with ME/CFS lack APRIL and BAFF expression. These data support a model of gut pathology in ME/CFS whereby dysregulated pDCs fail to promote the production of low-affinity IgA through the process of TI activation of B cells, thereby leading to bacterial overgrowth, dysbiosis, bacterial translocation and systemic immune activation.

BAFF = B-cell activating factor "This cytokine is expressed in B-cell lineage cells, and acts as a potent B-cell activator."

APRIL = A-proliferation-inducing ligand "This protein and its receptor are both found to be important for B-cell development."

pDCs = plasmacytoid dendritic cell "pDCs are innate immune cells that circulate in the blood and are found in peripheral lymphoid organs. Upon stimulation and subsequent activation, these cells produce large amounts of IFN-alpha and IFN-beta, which are critical (...) anti-viral compounds mediating a wide range of effects. The number of circulating pDCs are found to be decreased during chronic HIV infection as well as HCV infection."


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Are you familiar with malrotations/malattachments of the intestines which occur early in fetal development and can result in twists and kinks in the small or large intestine with /without a long, redundant, tortuous colon? Long story how I became aware if this issue. I have been dx with the long, redundant, tortuous colon.There is very little research. Most Or nearly all GI doc's dismiss these findings as not important.

However, I ran a large FM/ CFS support group for 13 years and we had about 5 cases of twisted bowel that needed surgery. One woman had been on thyroid meds for years, and was able to stop her meds after surgery. Others reported life long bowel problems/ constipation/ abdominal pain that were completely resolved after surgery.

I was offered surgery after I developed a large ulcer caused by a section of my sigmoid colon that was telescoping. Until that point I was labelled as irritable bowel. The ulcer was caused by lack of blood flow to that segment of colon. I did not have surgery - healed the thing ( at least temporarily) through acupuncture.

I can appreciate that these kinds of kinks and twists in the gut can cause all kinds of problems - leaky gut, heightened immune vigilance, inflammation, etc.

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