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Hi. I was diagnosed with CFS/ME in 2011 by an infectious disease consultant in a NHS hospital following 4 months of 'excluding' tests. On the Canadian guidelines scale I fluctuated from very severe through to mild and back over 5 years.

My main symptoms were physical and mental exhaustion, post-exertional malaise, dizziness, profound cognitive dysfunction, respiratory problems, IBS, temperature deregulation, tinnitus and inability to tolerate sound.
During this period I took many steps to try to get well. These included the Marshall protocol and taking a lot of tablets such as alpha gpc, choline bitartrate, gingko biloba, panax ginseng, EPA oil, good multivit, magnesium, vit b complex, prebiotics, Q10, Bacopa, curcumin, alpha lipoic acid, sometimes prednisolone, vinpocetine, l-theanine, l-argenine, DMAE, reseveratrol, lion's mane mushroom, guarana, l-acetyl carnitine, huperzine A, isoflavones. Also 5-HTP, D-ribose, n-acetyl-cysteine.

On the experimental side I have consistently used GVS111 and have tried 2 weeks of a novel pharmaceutical called NSI 189. When I have HAD to i have used 50mg modafinil (for example to get to India for treatment).

However, I remained subject to fluctuating severity of symptoms. I spent the month of January in Kerala, India undergoing 18 days of treatment under an Ayurvedic doctor. Treatment began with detox and progressed into a variety of applications such as nasyam and shirodhara. Hallmarks of improvement were very considerable energy increase following detox and N3 refreshing sleep on day 11.

It is now 5 weeks since my return to the UK, I am working 2 x 8 hour shifts in the lab (and could work more) and am in the sports centre on alternate days spending 30 minutes on the gym machines followed by 250 metre swim and 20 minutes in the sauna. I also cycle and walk. I no longer take any pharmaceuticals for sleep and though cautious, believe I am in full remission.

I have posted so that members who are not registered on 'another CFS/ME site' have the opportunity to examine my method of getting well.

I would be extremely grateful if members of Health Rising could perhaps check out all the information, blogs and albums on the 'other' site prior to asking questions. I do not wish to be rude or unhelpful, please understand that I am now fully functioning and resuming normal activities with a family, work and sick mother to take up my time. I am obliged to fulfill these responsibilities.


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Where is this other site please?

Ayurveda Detoxification Program

Detoxification involves using formulated massage herbal oils followed by application of steam therapy. These combined processes of massage and steam treatment softens and liquefies the toxins to direct them to the digestive system and sweat glands for elimination.
Nasya Therapy

Nasya therapy involves the administration of medicated oils into the nose to stimulate expulsion of blockages. Nasya cleanses and clears the head's channels enabling improved mental, sensory and motor functions.

Shirodhara is the continuous flow of warm herbal oil onto the “third eye”. It works on the cerebral system and is beneficial for the nervous system and stress related disorders."

I did find detox helpful too. I wouldn't mind giving this a go.

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