Inability to Sweat - What Causes It?


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Not infrequently, I hear about people with ME/CFS or related illnesses who are totally unable to sweat at all.

Often this is noticeable because they would like to be able to sweat because they think that it would be detoxifying.

What do you think might cause this? What might some ways be to address the problem?


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I would think something to do with the autonomic nervous system. An infection or an immune response could be wiping out the sweat glands in the skin just as they are getting at the small nerve fibers. My experience when I was doing sauna is that I would not sweat much at first but the more I did the more I sweated. It was like I was unplugging my sweat glands.

I must say that the sensation of sweat dripping off your skin like its water is really nice, for some reason. ;)

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I do not sweat at all Although I do manage to have some BO. It's horrible, it's like ther is was over my skin. The I my way I can tolerate it is to keep getting in and out of the shower which is exhausting.

Two simmers Ago I could tolerate it. It got really bad last year so I'm forced to get AC

I tried a portable one and I was dripping sweat setting it up and taking it down when the noise killed me. That was probably the first and last time I sweat

HPA Axis involved I think. That whole cascade of hormones.

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