Supplement Increasing N.O. w/o crashing (arginine, lysine, etc.)


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A couple of years ago, I took arginine + ornithine to increase nitric oxide and decrease inflammation... At first, it was the best thing! Before I crashed, here's what worked:
  • big increase in energy
  • decrease in inflammation, pain (subjective, I wasn't tested for CRP + SED rate during this period)
  • EXTREME mental focus - bordering on OCD, which was fine w me! I got so much done... brain fog is one of my most annoying symptoms
Since I'm too broke to try Ibudilast right now, I'm trying to find ways to increase mental focus.... I'm re-thinking this protocol, and have some questions... No one can know for sure, but I'm game to try if I can make some educated assumptions about what went wrong and what might work.. thanks.

1. if I take lysine at the same time, will I have a better chance at avoiding the dreaded crash? I don't know why I crashed (and crashed HARD) but I believe it's b/c my EBV got out of control... If I take lysine - and maybe olive leaf extract (which I know fixes out of control EBV for me), then can I get the benefit w/o the crash?

2. is it necessary to take arginine and ornithine together? e.g., are they co-factors? I still have some arginine, lysine and OLE, but no ornithine

I know there's "good" nitric oxide and "bad" nitric oxide (decrease vs increase inflammation).. not sure how to stimulate one w/o the other


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I thought arginine was bad to take for the virus. Personally I wouldn't take the arginine and I would definitely take the lysine and OLE.

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