incredible improvement with helminthic treatment


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That is really something.

So many different ways people have been helped.

Necator americanus (NA), human hookworm, is the most frequently used organism in Helminthic Therapy currently. The prospective host applies microscopic larvae in a water solution to the skin and the larvae migrate from there to their ultimate home, the lower intestine. NA's systemic effect has helped people with MS, CFS/ME, lupus and many other autoimmune problems. More than 700 million people host human hookworm worldwide.

In the second week, I had a "bounce". My symptoms improved, my years' long anxiety lifted and I had a new sense of optimism. The bounce only lasted a few days, but it was glorious. I returned to baseline, but new improvements appeared as the weeks passed. The worst side effects I had were increased wind and a few weeks of vague gastrointestinal unease.

By the fifth week, the brain fog I'd had for years all but disappeared. My joint pain and plantar fasciitis did too. At week ten, I had a step change in energy. Suddenly, I had several hours of useful energy most days and was staying up later. I was able to clean the house, cook food and I started contemplating tackling the garden. My migraines became less frequent, less intense and of shorter duration.


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The gut is really big for some people.....(maybe everyone ?)


I'm still experimenting with Dr Baker's HDC. It's important to note that his HDC are different than Biome Restoration and a smaller dose is required.

I personally feel more comfortable with the HDC because they can't leave the gut.


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Interesting what Hip wrote on that page re helmimthic therapy and infections :

It looks like in the case of Necator americanus, the immunomodulation it produces is more complex than just a simple Th1 to Th2 shift.​
This paperfound that a protein from Necator americanus binds to human natural killer cells, resulting in interferon gamma production. Interferon gamma is a Th1 cytokine that fights viruses and intracellular infections.​
The paper says:​
Descriptions of cytokine profiles from human PBMCs stimulated with Necator adult worm Ag have been reported only recently. These studies demonstrated a mixed anti- and proinflammatory response, characterized by IL-5, IL-10, as well as IFN-γ and IL-12.
This is the first report of a pathogen protein that binds exclusively to NK cells, and the first report of a nematode-derived product that induces abundant levels of cytokines from NK cells.​
Note Th1 cytokines: IFN-γ, IL-12 and IL-2; Th2 cytokines: IL-4 and IL-10.​

So quite possibly, Necator americanus's induction of interferon gamma in NK cells may help fight off the chronic viral infections associated with ME/CFS.​
Dr Chia's interferon alpha and interferon gamma combined therapy was pretty successful in bringing some ME/CFS patients into full remission (though all relapsed several months after the end of this course of interferon therapy). So with Necator americanus, you may perhaps in effect be getting ongoing interferon gamma therapy to fight your viruses, and at a knock down price.​

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