Invest in ME Conference in May Will Feature Some Interesting Talks...


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Some of the more interesting talks - for me..
  • Betsy Keller will be talking on molecular biomarkers before and after exercise - finding molecular biomarkers that predicted poor exercise outcomes would be the cat's meow...this talk really could be something.
  • B-cells - are such a frigging mystery. Nobody can get a handle on them - yet they're what Rituximab effects (or is it the NK cells that's it's really effecting in the patients that get better?) Any talk on figuring out what B-cells are doing in ME/CFS is going to be interesting
  • Chia - enteroviruses - Chia will probably have the CDC results of his stomach samples back: his hypothesis is on the line
  • Fluge and Mella - why are they speaking? They're in the middle of the trial....Has something happened? The fact that they're speaking at all is intriguing to me.

Invest in ME Research - IIMEC10 Invest in ME Research ME Conference 2015

29th May 2015

Conference Agenda

08.55 Dr Ian Gibson - Conference Opens

09.05 Professor Ian Charles - Keynote Speech: Solving ME: What a Research Park Has to Offer in Resolving a Chronic Disease

09.30 Dr Luis Nacul - Incidence and Prevalence of ME

09.55 Dr Amolak Bansal - Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis: Combining clinic and research

10.25 Refreshments Break

10.50 Professor Mady Hornig - Markers of Immunity and Metabolism in ME/CFS

11.25 Professor Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik Dr Don Staines tbc - Update from National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases - NCNED

11.55 Dr Jo Cambridge - B-cell biology and ME/CFS

12.20 IiME Projects - Student Researchers The Next Generation

12.45 Refreshments Hot buffet Lunch

13.45 Dr Neil Harrison - Immune-Brain Communication and Relationship to Inflammation

14.10 Professor Jonas Bergquist - Proteomics in ME/CFS

14.35 Dr Claire Hutchinson - Biomarkers for ME: Visual Processing and ME/CFS

15.00 Professor Betsy Keller - Molecular markers before/after exercise/Activity guidelines to avoid symptom flares

15.00 Refreshments Break

15.25 Dr John Chia - Enterovirus Research in ME/CFS

16.15 Dr Oystein Fluge / Professor Olav Mella - Multi-centre Rituximab, Clinical Trial for ME/CFS

17.10 Plenary Will ME Be Treatable/Cured?

17.30 Dr Ian Gibson - Adjourn

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