IOM Report Reveals Massive Problem with Chronic Pain in U.S.


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An new IOM report reveals that at least one-third or 116 Americans suffer from undertreated chronic pain. The number is an underestimate since people in nursing homes and the military were not counted.

The report, titled “Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research,” points out the failure of the nation’s health care system to adequately treat the masses who suffer from chronic pain, and focuses on the need for a “cultural transformation” of the methods by which the U. S. diagnoses and treats patients who deal with pain and it’s management.

More money is spent on managing pain than cardiovascular disease (that includes heart attacks) and cancer.
The problem has been recognized for years and, in fact, this study was mandated by Congress in the legislation for the Affordable Care Act.

Despite this fact only five medical schools in the country require their students take courses on pain.

Women more frequently suffer from pain but receive the poorest treatment. When men suffer pain, on the other hand, it's usually more severe.

Dr. Pizzo explained, “If you talk to women, they tell you no one is listening, they tell them they are faking.” He acknowledged, “One of the conclusions of the report is that chronic pain is not in your head. It’s a disease in its own right.”

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