Is it easy to get Fibromyalgia/CFS treatment in your country?


I have been struggling with NDPH (headache syndrome, likely having similar roots to fibromyalgia) since 2010. In 2012 I had spinal tap done, it caused fibromyalgia, a disease of unknown as well. I think they are tightly related, and answers to the one would bring answers to the other. I run a small IT company in Europe, and it's very sad to see all the sufferers here. I don't have lots of finances, but I plan to invest everything I have to a new clinic (only have funds for the building for now), which would do remote consultations all over the world, and could write prescriptions for anyone here in EU. I'm not sure if there is a very high demand for that though, as I only know the situation in 1/4 of the countries in the EU, where it's too difficult to find a real expert in this field. I've tried to contact European Commission about a year ago, but they just replied they're running EUROMENE project and there is nothing else they could do to assist us at this time. May I ask if you've found a good specialist in your country? (did they know things like LDN, Ketamine, celecoxib+famciclovir, BCG vaccine trials etc.). Is it easy to get a consultation?

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Ian Mills

I'm in Canada but if you mean CBT and GET then yes you can get that after a 2 year waiting list (secretly though, they won't reveal the sources for it :p). As for real treatments , no!

I'm surprised no one has replied to this. Maybe not many euro's here? I would think the most in demand would be the 2 day CPET test. As far as I can tell it is not available in Canada

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