IV Ozone- Have You Tried It?

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    My doctor has wanted me to try a series of IV Ozone treatments for a long time. I resisted initially - and now for well over a year.

    I knew instinctively that I needed to be stronger to consider it. I remain unsettled about my warmed blood being exposed to plastic tubing and mixed with heparin before being returned to me. I’m careful about exposures environmentally and pharmaceutically and this situation is no different to me.

    It is very clear to me that I need more oxygen delivered effectively at a cellular level. For seven months I fantasized about HBOT until I finally could access it - twice daily at 2ATA for 15 days. It helped, as I knew it would, just not enough and I cannot afford to continue.

    I have had or have babesiosis, bartonellosis, raised titer levels for several viruses (HHV-6, EBV, and Parvovirus amongst them), malaria and other fun. I also have been diagnosed with CIRS, but finally have a mold-free home. Heavy metals (lead in the lead) play some role too. I have been at the more severe end of the ME/CFS spectrum, including significant neurological and cognitive impacts. My doctor seems convinced these treatments will boost my immunity at a key cellular level.

    In any event, I’m not asking anyone to weigh in on my own choice. I am very curious if you’d be willing to share your own experience with me. Will you kindly?

    - Have you done IV Ozone treatments?
    - Did you have positive lab results for pathogenic viruses, bacteria, or parasites prior to it? What other diagnostic features have you had?
    - What was your level of function like beforehand?
    - How many treatments? How often? Over what amount of time?
    - Were they done solo or in combination with other IVs (and which, if so)?
    - What was your experience like during the treatment process?
    - How do you evaluate its effectiveness for you individually?

    Thank you, in advance, for sharing your experience with me!
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    Yes, I've done probably a dozen ozone IVs. I am waiting now for them to get their 10 pass machine ready and then will start again. I have been diagnosed with various viral and bacterial infections, such as Lyme, but I am not sure if I really have infections or just have a dysregulated antibody system.

    I'm at about 50% of normal. I did notice some improvement but it was gradual and may also have been due to the additional fluids in the form of saline.

    They use a Myer's cocktail mix of B vits with the ozonated blood. The IV itself is just like any other IV.

    Bottom line, I think it is a useful treatment but it may take a while to see full results. At $200 a pop, that's a lot of money so I ultimately discontinued them in favor of the intravenous laser IV treatments. I am holding out more hope for the 10 pass treatment.
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    Autohemotherapy with Ozone, as I understand it, does not have a worrisome safety record. Ozone inhalation, as noted in that link, is an entirely other concern!
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    And, may I ask: what is 10 pass?
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    Actually, Autohemotherapy is dangerous and has no evidence of effectiveness, and it is the treatment that the FDA has jailed people over due to dangerous effects:

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    One case report in a decade does not a dangerous treatment make. Ozone has a long safety record, provided one doesn’t breathe it, of course.

    Might want to educate yourself before making pronouncements more fit for a different forum.

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    That's the most ridiculous website I think I've ever seen. All those people were severely ill and it's preposterous to blame their deaths on ozone when they all had other serious diagnoses like cancer.

    In the study I saw on HIV, the treatment was proven ineffective but not harmful. There are any number of reasons that the study might not have yielded positive results having nothing to do with ozone itself. But the key take away is that it was perfectly safe and increased sense of well being. Sounds like something we could all use!


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    I did over 250 treatments at home but not IV (insufflation and steam). Ozone is perhaps one of the best therapies I did but did not resolve my issues (I developed a series of other techniques). The biggest issue with ozone is the administration of proper dosages. The Cubans did studies on this about the measure of antioxidant qualities of the patient then adjusting the right dosage to that patient. The issue is that ozone is a strong oxidant and it must be neutralized, this is where anti oxidants come in.

    Ozone is quite capable of eliminating many organisms but not be a one size fits all technique, for instance if the pathogen is harboring in the gastrointestinal tract (parasites, rogue bacteria) then ozone may not be able to reach it. However is the pathogen is systemic then it may be effective. Unfortunately with the many therapies available, one has to make an informed decision and weigh the pros and cons.

    One note is that ozone is able to provoke toxins out of the body and I think it does it quite well. Toxins are a growing problem and certainly can interfere with normal cell function including immunity and detoxification which are major issues for M.E. patients. I personally believe this is where ozone was quite useful for me.
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    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me!
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    No problem, glad I can help.
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  15. Why then has it been used in Germany for many, many years? They also have excellent studies about it. We do not exactly have a corrupt free FDA. Have you studied this from an international perspective? Read the medical journals from other countries??
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    Ozone was widely used in the US hospitals before the advent of pharma, it is said that it was considered a threat and was removed under pressure via the AMA in the 1930's. In many countries such as Cuba and Russia, where there are limitations in medical spending, ozone is widely practised.


    As with anything, due diligence is necessary. Ozone is a strong oxidizer so it is important to apply correct dosages as not to overrun the redox capacities of the body and to use judicious amounts of antioxidants. I administered 200+ treatments and this was the biggest issue I ran into, but i am still alive:)