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From his family

Dear Family and Friends,

I’d like to share a few ideas with you. But first let me give you a brief update on Jamison’s health. Jamison’s health is slowly improving with the infusion treatments he is receiving every day. He is now able read for himself, speak a few words above a whisper each day, tolerate a little more light and even feed himself - eating food that hasn't been blended first into a smoothy.

As most of you know Jamison Hill has been bed bound for over 18 months with severe ME/CFS. Eighteen months is a long time to be bed bound… couple that with severe sensitivity to light and sound, with limited visitors ….it’s lonely and isolating. I know family and friends are keeping Jamison in their prayers and sending positive healing thoughts his way on a daily basis.

With this in mind I thought it would be nice to do something to show Jamison there are a lot of people thinking of him. I had 200 reversible silicon wristbands made up with Jamison’s name printed on one side and a quote from a recent post he wrote for the Blue Ribbon Foundation describing his experience with ME/CFS printed on the other side. The idea is to distribute the 200 wristbands so we can tell Jamison all those people are out there wishing him well and thinking about him and to collect a donation to help off set some of Jamison’s healthcare expenses.

To date the majority of Jamison’s healthcare cost are not covered by insurance and are paid out of pocket. I thought collectively we could show our love and raise funds to help with his healthcare expenses (Doctor care, infusion treatments, registered nurse to set his IV, and caregiver expenses ). With a minimum $10 donation for each wristband we could collectively help with these expenses.

Jamison and his family are extremely thankful for everyones past help and support and for your continued support, prayers and positive thoughts.

If you would like to show your support for Jamison and be part of this collective donation you may do so by :

-contacting me to make a donation or
-help distribute wristbands and collect donations

Examples of what cumulative $10 donations will pay for:
  • 1wristband = 1 hour of caregiver
  • 4 wristbands = 4 hours of caregiver
  • 15 wristbands = 1 Registered Nurse to come out for the IV
  • 27 wristbands = 1 week worth of infusions
  • 50 wristbands = 1 doctor appointment
Thank you and take care
Maureen O’Halloran
329 Christie Dr. Martinez, CA 94553


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I read this with great interest. I had a sudden severe relapse in September. I have been bed bound. I cancelled 3 events the first week all of which I was really looking forward to. I have been unable to attend any family holiday events. I do send my husband with great assurances I am ok with it. I would rather be home in bed and alone. I do not have the strength for visitors. I do not want to talk, listen or think.
In December I only left the house for a doc appt and a bad haircut. Bad because I couldn't keep my eyes open due to glare and fatigue or communicate. I need a blood draw for INR check as i take coumadin. I am overdue and will ck to see about a visiting tech.
I suffer frim morning glare and have to be in a darkened room half of the day. If I am able I like to sit in my recliner and watch the morning birds, deer, and covey of quail feed. Invariably my eyes stop focus and start twitching and I return to my room. Noise has to be minimum I can't stand to wear clothes and opt for looser the better and no underwear . I know TMI. Does cut back on laundry.
I Recently started LDN and seem to be pain free. Yay!! In general my senses seem to be hypersensitive. I have little appetite but try to intake nutrient dense. A breakfast of chocolate milk is quite good. And best of all I now have a cleaning lady bi-weekly.
One thing I am eternally grateful for is teaching myself to knit 52 years ago. I haven't been able to read charts or comprehend difficult instructions. Grateful for that and - ta da - on line shopping. Even for some groceries so my poor husband doesn't have to search for hard to find items.
I just found a Neuro who has ME patients. A blessing. After over 20 years I have an official Dx.

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