Jarred Younger's New Years Resolutions for ME/CFS and FM

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    What a breath of fresh air Jarred Younger is. He's a young investigator focused entirely on ME/CFS and FM whose lab has expanded rapidly. He's able to get NIH grants. He's doing VERY WELL.

    I hope others are watching and recognize that ME/CFS/FM with its millions of ill people presents the possibility of being a growth field. If you're the kind of doctor that really wants to make a difference this is a good place!

    His New Years resolutions for his lab

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    Wonderful!!!! I have thought about blood-brain barrier issues ( as a result of structural differences - torque in the dural/ meningeal system from pelvis to brain) for many years. Idea: While these scans are being done, could these researchers check individuals for deviated septum in the nose? May be an indicator of dura- meningeal torque in the brain and altered BB barrier function????? ( I have a deviated septum, as does my son, and many others in FM /CFS support group.)