Keto Summit Starts Tomorrow!


I think this is one I'm actually going to buy...but you can watch the presentations free too within the 24 hour period. Fantastic speakers!

Here are Your Keto Experts...

Neuro-Degenerative Diseases, Supplements, & Keto Disease Prevention
Dominic D'Agostino, PhD

Keto Supplements: The Science, the Myths, and How to Best Use Supplements
Patrick Arnold

How to Treat and Prevent Cancer with Diet, Supplements & Lifestyle
Thomas Seyfried, PhD

Keto Nutrition for Maximum Strength Gain, Muscle Mass, & Weight Loss
Menno Henselmans

The Path Toward Solving Cancer & Complete Metabolic Optimization
Travis Christofferson

Potential Keto Pitfalls: Micronutrient Density and Common Thyroid Problems
Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Oxidative Stress, Meal Frequency, & Minimizing Risk of Chronic Illnesses
Dr. Cate Shanahan

Interpreting Your Blood & Lab Tests More Accurately and Effectively
Bryan Walsh

The Bigger Picture: Diet & Lifestyle Hacks to Look and Perform Your Best
Ben Greenfield

Improving, Measuring, and Mastering Insulin Sensitivity
Catherine Crofts, PhD

Regulating Appetite, Healing Brain Injuries, & Sustaining Athletic Performance
Robb Wolf

Cognitive and Neurological Decline: How to Slow and Reverse Aging
Max Lugavere

Healing and Protecting Your Gut Health: Prebiotics, Veggies, & More
Dr. Grace Liu

Controlling Hunger, Improving Mental Clarity, & Optimizing Hormones
Dr. Kirk Parsley

Preventing Heart Disease through Diet, Lifestyle, and Diagnostic Testing
Ivor Cummins

More Important than Ketones - How to Optimize Your Health and Energy
Marty Kendall

Major Keto Pitfalls, Inflammation, & Supplements for Mental Performance
Dave Asprey

How to Maximize Your Athletic Performance and Energy Production
Mark Sisson

Athletic Performance: Mastering Energy Production & Optimizing Results
Dr. Phil Maffetone

Slowing Aging, Building Muscle, and the Future of Health Technology
Dr. Kenneth Ford

Dealing with Stress: Using Diet to Improve Both Body & Lifestyle
Jimmy Moore

A Deep Dive into Metabolism, Energy, Phosphorylation, and Thermodynamics
Richard D. Feinman, PhD

How to Slow Aging & Prevent Chronic Disease: New Research
Dr. Ron Rosedale

Solving Obesity and Metabolic Disease - The Simplest, Most Effective Methods
Dr. Eric Westman

The Exciting Future of Ketone Supplements: Is a Keto Diet Even Necessary?
Kieran Clarke, PhD

Getting the Most Out of Your Diet with the Least Amount of Restriction
Prof. Tim Noakes

Weight Loss: What Works, What Doesn't, and When to Use or Not Use a Keto Diet
Dan Pardi

Controlling Sugar, Beating Diabetes, & Losing Weight on a Keto Diet
Dr. Jason Fung

Should You Eat Carbs at All? How to Build Better Metabolic Flexibility
Dr. Mike T Nelson

What to Do When Your Keto Diet Isn't Working: Underlying Issues
Dr. Tommy Wood

Cancer: A Practical Approach for Preventing and Healing with Keto
Patricia Daly

Bonus Complete Health Interviews

The Most Overlooked But Important Keys to Complete Health and Longevity
Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Beyond Keto: Creating Lifelong Habits and Why Getting Exercise Right is Critical
Tyler Bramlett

Busting Myths About Keto - How to Use a Keto Diet for Any Health Goals
Luis Villasenor

Practical Keto: Cooking, Kids, and Making it All as Easy as Possible
Maria Emmerich

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