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Intestinal Permeability “Leaky Gut Syndrome” Protocol Dr. Kurt Woeller, D.O.

"Kurt N. Woeller, DO, is an osteopathic physician specializing in natural medicine. Dr. Woeller began his study of natural medicine in 1992 as a 2nd-year medical student. Realizing his training in conventional medicine was severely lacking in the areas of nutrition and natural medicine he began a pursuit of self-education to learn about the many alternative and complementary therapies available to treat and prevent disease.

Dr. Woeller holds advanced training certificates from BioHealth Diagnostics, and is licensed from the Osteopathic Medical Board of California as an Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon. He is also a referral physician for DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!), an organization of physicians dedicated to the biological causes of autism."

Ketotifen & Intestinal Permeability

I have been using the medication Ketotifen (oral suspension or tablet) with good results. Children’s parents, and some adults taking it as well, are reporting more normal bowel movements, less gas and bloating, and decreased food reactions. Most of the time it seems to take about 2 to 3 weeks to notice these differences, but you should expect long term use and immediate results may not be seen. A trial period of 60 days is recommended. Be pa- tient and give it time to do it’s thing, which is to reduce intestinal inflammation and promote healing of a leaky gut.

A few parents have reported some hyperactivity and drowsiness in their kids when the medication is start- ed at full dose; which is one dose 30 minutes before each meal and an optional dose at bedtime. I now rec- ommend that you start slowly with initial dosing. Start by increasing one dose every 2 days. For exam- ple, start the initial dose before breakfast; then after two days add another before lunch, etc. This should help offset the hyperactivity and drowsiness. Finally, if you are dosing just three times per day, and find- ing it difficult to administer the lunchtime dose, then simply dose before breakfast, dinner and bedtime.
Ketotifen is a prescription medication that requires a doctor’s prescription.
1mg Oral Capsules or 1mg/2cc Hypoallergenic Oral Suspension

Kurt N. Woeller, DO

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