LDN and when to take It

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I know the protocol for LDN is between 9 pm to 3 am. I can't do that because when I tried I didn't sleep for 3 days.

There are plenty of people who take it in the mornings because it keeps them up all night but I wonder about what time?

I know it should be taken with the endorphin rush but what time is that?

I had been taking it around 7 am but for months I can barely drag my butt out of bed before 8 am.

Anyone have any thoughts? Is it even helping to take it at 8-8:30 am?


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I don't know the answer on the am dosing, but the Got Endorphins? and the LDN Research Trust Facebook groups both have a lot of members and seem active to answer questions if no one responds here. I couldn't tell from your post what dose you were taking. I was having that problem sleeping. I talked to Skip's Pharmacy. They suggested that I go down to 1.5 mg and go up much more slowly than my doctor had originally suggested. I seem to be able to sleep on the 1.5 mg. They suggested I try that for one month and then go up to 3 mg for one month before trying 4.5.

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I was unable to sleep on .5 mgs and it was no different when I tried with 3.5. If I'm going to take it it bad to be am.

I'll ask my doc when I see her in a few weeks. I'm not convinced it's even helping me so I'll just have to see.

I'll check out facebook. Thanks.

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