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Hi all, I’m new to the forum, and have a question about pacing. My ME/CFS was triggered by a Q Fever infection in 2002, leading to early retirement. I’ve recently had a setback following a too active vacation, and am three weeks into recovery mode. I’m currently attempting a 50% reduction in activity, but am having trouble coming up with non-activities. I’m not really sleepy, so don’t usually sleep during the day, and I’ve been told that reading, which is my go to for down time, can also cause fatigue. What do you “do” when you’re resting?


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This is a hard question to answer because it really varies. Generally I can watch TV or a movie at home and be okay. I've read that sometimes people do better with familiar shows vs. new ones. I'm sure also the type of show can matter too. If I pace myself reading or interacting online is fine. Playing simple, casual games on my phone is normally okay. But there are sometimes in which I can't handle those things and I need to really rest.
But we are each individual in our responses. Pacing is an art. Through trial and error you will find the things that are more restful for you at any given time. Learning how to evaluate your condition and listen to your body is an important skill to learn because we have to be so adaptive.


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Thank you RenW. I’ve started to keep an activity log, so will try to figure out what is restful for me. I’m thinking light fiction will be okay, and card games on my iPad seem to relax me too. I appreciate your help.


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I agree that you have to figure out your triggers. I can read as much as I want, but sometimes all my brain can handle (understand) is very light fiction. I don't watch TV or anything with lots of activity, it's pretty much all people talking about a topic. I'm trying to build up strength, and can walk further when I stick to a pace that keeps my breathing normal.

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