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Let's just say.....You were born, but your valve between your large intestine and your small intestine was/is either deformed from birth or somehow stopped opperating as it should....maybe in the birthing room they hung you upside down and spanked you and the bacteria from the large intestine migrated, from gravity, into your small intestine where it has no business being in that area?
Its 1959.Now, let's just say that bacteria that has no business being in the small intestine, begins to flourish in the small intestine over many days, years , all the while you,the host, are not normal but dont know what lies ahead.
You are in grade 8 at school...you failed grade 7...they hold you back. Now you are in grade 9.You have no clue what the algebra teacher is writing on the blackboard...your lost to say the least...its 1978. You drop out if high school. You begin to hold several jobs but have no real drive or direction in life. Its 1987...You get married, some weird chemical sensitivities to desiel fumes pop up.You tell your doctor you can no longer run heavy equipment due to the fumes.You get another different job but due to attrition you go from a clean job back to driving a diesel vehicle.
Your chemical sensitivities are getting worse now. You get sent to an allergist but finds nothing.It keeps getting worse, now you are pleading with docs that it is getting worse and you say, "it feels like something growing in me" to your doctor...he just laughs and keeps telling war stories about the airplane propeller that hangs above his desk as he's done from your very first visit with him.
Let's just say, now, you are having even more bizarre symptoms but still holding down your job, and still going in circles with docs and specialists.You decide to redo your hardwood floors in your new to you ,home. You begin to have dizzy spells and your nose pours out clear mucus down to the floor and you can no longer be in the presence from the odors of the floor finish...which you later find has benzene and tolyuene as its partial ingredients .
You begin to sleep in a tent in your back yard because everytime you try to re-enter that house, you break out into a head to toe rash,but also you, in seconds, feel your well being going downhill very quickly.Upon leaving that house your well being goes back to normal.Then, winter comes and it's soo cold outside you can no longer live outside in that tent that was, or felt like ,it was saving your life...all the while neighbours and even your family are really beginning to wonder about you (its1993). You spend the rest of the winter inside the home...now you are at rock bottom and very, very, very, very ill.You no longer can get out of bed , you are so ,so ,so very sick. So toxic feeling that you no longer feel like you can carry on another second, minute or hour or day. You are so fatigued that you cannot get out of bed. You also have severe mental confusion. It takes you hours just to think about how you are going to devise a plan to get from the bed to the floor, then somehow crawl to the bathroom.You make it to the bathroom only to find the vitamins you ingested 6 days ago come out your butt hole the exact same shape and form as they did when they went into your mouth. There are major "explosions" going off inside of you now.Your eyes are now seeing very strange "light shows" along with at the very least ,100+ symptoms.Days later now, you feel your body inside, where no person can see, you feel your body begin to fight SOMETHING. Then you feel the fighting stop and you feel your body resting, then fighting again.this fighting/resting never stops
You hire a lawyer because the disability plan/insurance company refuses to cover you. The lawyer is a crook.He spends monies held in trust at the casino. You turn him in to the law society only to find out later that his brother is a very high ranking cop...OH OH ...you really begin to worry a lot about the repercussions of your actions of the lawyer losing his licence for life.
Your spouse by now, is sending letters to the government pleading with them to send a very very very very sick person to the mayo clinic (its1994).Your spouse never gets the reply from anybody from government.
Your chemical sensitivities are so severe that you react to paint on your walls that is 40 years old.Your entire family now is very poor, you are still very sick but are now able to make it from bed to couch but very very very fatigued.You have severe back pain.(its 1999) You stand up but almost black out and end up falling through and breaking the glass coffee table top. You bleed but it's nothing compared to your illness.
You finally move from that home because you cannot tolerate how it makes your health go downhill. You move several times to several homes all the while getting infections etc.You still can feel your health fluctuate between good and bad from chemicals. it's a very weak reaction now due to so much exhaustion of your immune system.
Years later you now end up with reactive arthritis...if you use a tool, your hand swells...a walk makes your knees swell.You haven't worked in decades.You just watch the world go by in your city, on your television.
You follow the open medicine foundation with much optimistic glee but they still cant find the reason so many millions of people are very sick like you.
You, for decades have been trying to figure this out on your own...you are desperate for money as you have been since 1993.
Your family has been in desperation for an eternity.You decide to try a few doses of ivermectin because you went on a hunch that it may be a parasitic infection causing this lifelong, life altering illness.
The ivermectin actually does something!! You get a very painful total body inflammatory reaction at every joint just like the instructions state on the ivermectin package. States that if your horse begins itching and has joint swelling, your horse is heavily infected with an infection caused by being bitten by mosquitoes.
Its 2021 now...you get covid 19 because the government has not been forthright with it's people.You and your wife both contract covid 19 and almost die.Dexamethasone saves both of you.
You can't sleep ...you haven't slept well for decades so you rise... you write a story on health rising about what you think MAY be causing ME/CFS.

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