Advocacy Effort Liisa Lugus Urgent Housing and Care Fund

Liisa Lugus suffers from severe ME and has been bedbound for 13 years. She does not receive adequate medical support for her illness and is right now losing her home with her elderly mother.

Liisa's friends from around the world are trying to help her find appropriate housing and raise money for her care. Her story and fundraiser are posted below:

Anything that can be done to spread the word would be appreciated, as are donations of any size. If we all chipped in $1, Liisa may be able to purchase a condo and hire full time care.

Friends of Liisa Lugus
Liisa is in Toronto. She has a few friends in Toronto who are providing some physical assistance, and a larger group of people in Canada, the US, and the UK making phone inquiries, but the type of care and environment she requires is specific, government resources and financial support are lacking, and time is running out fast. Most of us who are helping Liisa also have ME and have our own limitations, but as a team, we are somewhat better equipped to find her appropriate care. Thank you for asking about her location :).


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Where is she located geographically? that info could help others find resources.

My team and I have been trying for the past 4 years to obtain appropriate housing and care via Independent Living/PIC/CILT/OMOD/Bellwoods and Tobias house; CCAC; LHINS; ARCH; Aangen; Upaya; petitioning Eric Hoskins, MOH, for an ME Dedicated Care Unit; hospice; short term LTC; high level care Retirement Homes (Revera); working with my GP, Angela Wong; Bridgepoint Health; fundraising so I can buy/rent a condo; Direct Funding and more. Denied.

Now the anticipated construction that has, in part, necessitated my homelessness has gotten to the point where it’s taken away global functioning in the form of ADLs, speech, cognitive function, movement and more, as I don’t process sensory stimulation like sound, talking, touch, movement, vibration, smell, etc. in a normal way. I need to stop this cycle, be rehouse with care and recover so I have a chance at the Direct Funding/condo.

Ironically, since the MOH’s focus is solely on freeing up hospital beds (to the detriment of the disabled), I’m now forced to go to hospital myself. This is my greatest fear since institutionalized care provides a procrustean bed which has almost killed me in the past. I’m terrified; I don’t belong in hospital and yet, that is precisely how I’m told you get services since I’ve been denied since folks in the community are not priority. I also have no place else to put my body.


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