Linked by ballet and retroviruses potentially



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6/30/2016 Dr. Judy Mikovits - Book: Plague

Mikovits did not agree with the Lipkin study.
She was coerced n bullied n harrassed and threatened.

The Pace trial had to prevail, no sickening matter what. 10 million pounds including fees not to release data? What's to hide in that 18 Feb 2011 Pace trial paper?
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Of course being a ballet dancer does not mean you have an increased risk of rv.

As for non responders, people have gone back n retried n responded,or found better conditions to try. HIV patients are used to learning about how to take their meds n switching or sticking and imagine the difficulty of two rv s..(You really think that all those with hiv aids respond well to arv's?..)

(Some items on this post have been removed because of personal attacks)

Viread 245mg on doctor's advice ONLY if appropriate. Raltegravir 400 or 800 if needed later. Only on dr's advice n monitoring. These are not sweets but strong meds so caution and sense must be exercised. For true ME. Same trials n tribulations as the hiv aids patients trying arv s. But long term each patient figures it out dose wise n day wise along with cancer type multivitamins to reduce toxicity and improve effectiveness.

It's OVER.

we WON. Lipkin's worst nightmare. We called his damn bluff. LiaR. He batted one order-obeying or not definitive study too far. And he knows it carried a risk of all coming out and being criticized duly. And he will be.

- Mikovits did none of the lab tests. Misleading. Originally in 2009 she did the tests. In 2012 she had images of the samples sent to her......

- Lipkin spiked samples with vp62 so it stopped the real rv replicating. Cruel. It made it near impossible to isolate anything else as spiking stops the replication of the real rv.....Irrespective of whether they were detecting vp62 or not.

- They were not given a third sample to break the indeterminants. Dishonest. The logical and pre-agreed thing to do after Ruscetti/Hanson/Assistant had done the impossible to get 1/2 on many samples.

- He used teacup statistics method. Arrogant. Understand this less well but apparently makes the whole thing statistically flawed potentially.

- Only few of the patients had real true Ramsay immuno-neuro-muscular ME. Insufficient. Lymphopenia or leucopenia and/or other potentially ME findings excluded you from being enrolled !

As definitive as a mars bar wrapped in a twix paper. Which ones did he spike? The few real ones only? FRAUD. Demand a public hearing it is your RIGHT.

Silvermann's xmrv was simply not there in the Lipkin study. They SENT to Silvermann who had his own contaminant. Silvermann NEVER sent anything to Mikovits (before the Science paper testing had all been completed)..No contamination EVER in Mikovits lab paper.

Lipkin bullied Mikovits n Ruscetti by following orders. He is as responsible as his bosses. Public hearing / debate now on the study design.
Yes she signed the fraudulent Lipkin study nobly to nail Silvermann and having been promised by Lipkin there would be a follow up study to isolate her original NON DAMN XMRV virus. XMRV Silvermann was not it. Never was.

Wake up n smell the coffee people.....! Lipkin never thought we'd go this far to call his bluff. The patients won it. Weird science.

Chilly pepper n oz n out

Good luck to all, friends and foes,

Ciao. I m taking myself off this forum.
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