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Hi everyone,

I'm seeking some technical knowledge from anyone that may know how to do this or has a scientific background. I came across a recent study that states that lipase treating Krill Oil can increase brain DHA and EPA up-to 5 and 70 times each respectively. The process involved treating the Krill Oil with Mucor meihei lipase. I'm still trying to find more details on the amounts / ratio used between the two but my question is how does one lipase treat krill oil that way? I know that I can buy krill oil and Mucor meihei lipase separately but I'm not sure if it's a simple matter of mixing and stirring or if there's a more robust process involved.

Here's the link to the Mucor meihei lipase kirll oil study:

The thought process here is that if effectively increasing DHA and EPA in the brain can act as a brain anti-inflammatory then that may help as a fibro pain and fatigue treatment. I'm basing the brain inflammation off of this article (and several others since):

If the process of lipase treating the krill oil is simple and straightforward I see this as a very low risk method of trying something new that could be effective at reducing brain inflammation. I'm hoping that someone can provide me with some guidance on getting this formulation set up.

Thank you


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Ok I finally found more information about how the lipase treatment was done:

"Krill oil and fish oil were treated with lipase as follows: the oil (15 g) was dissolved in 300 mL of 95% ethanol in water (v/v) and 20 g of immobilized lipase was added. The reaction mixture was shaken in an orbital incubator at 175 rpm at 40 °C in the dark for 72 h, under nitrogen. The immobilized enzyme was separated by centrifugation, the ethanol in the supernatant was evaporated under vacuum, and the lipids extracted. "

This puts it out of scope for the average person unfortunately.

I did find that if you take omega oil with lecithin it does boost DHA. Lecithin is a powder and super cheap. This will be tried next.

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