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Here is a recipe for Liposomal C which does not require an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. I've used this recipe but can't tolerate the C.

You can find recipes on the web but they all call for using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner which requires you to watch it constantly because the timer only goes to 2 minutes. I don't have time or energy to baby sit a machine. In talking to a friend online about this, she told me she belonged to a group where someone proved a stick (immersion) blender gave the same results as the machine and requires very little effort. I have used this method to make liposomal glutathione and after less than a week, I do feel a difference. FYI: I accidentally bought buffered vitamin C powder and it will NOT go into a liposomal state. It looks OK for a little while, then separates. I even tried mixing it for 6 minutes but although not quite as bad, it still didn't all stay mixed in. Make sure you buy pure ascorbic acid powder..

With this method you get about 75% encapsulation vs 90% on the store bought stuff. Basically take a little more and you are still saving huge amounts of money.
This makes about 14 oz of product.
Vitamin C
3 level tablespoons of soy lecithin (45cc).
Make sure it is GMO free and organic if possible.
1 level tablespoon ascorbic acid powder (15cc)

Dissolve the lecithin in 1 cup (240cc) warm, NOT HOT, water, preferably distilled. You can use cold water but it dissolves much faster if slightly warmed. If the water is hot, it will clump rather than dissolve.

Dissolve the ascorbic acid in 1/2 cup warm water, preferably distilled.

Pour both solutions together into a wide mouth mason jar or other container that can accommodate the stick blender.

Blend until it forms a cloudy, homogeneous mixture in about 2 minutes.
Refrigerate and you're done. You will have to calculate the dose you are taking by the amount of Vitamin C in the product you use. For example, I bought a an ascorbic acid powder that will give me 12 grams of Vitamin C in 14 oz of solution. When I make this I am going to add enough extra Vitamin C to make 1g/oz.

Method is exactly the same as above:
3 level tablespoons soy lecithin
1 tablespoon or 7 grams of glutathione powder

Proceed exactly as above.

I could not find an affordable glutathione powder so I ended up buying 500mg capsules and opening them.
Hint: I have arthritic hands and opening the caps was a pain. I usually make a double batch. Well, today, I put the capsules in a baggie and beat the capsules with a small glass jar. It crumbled the capsules. I just poured it all in a large tea strainer and shook the powder into a bowl. Voila...just a few minutes and no pain
Hope this helps someone else.

Hint#2: Decided pounding the capsules was a pain in the butt too, saw some kitchen shears on the counter and a light bulb went off. I just snipped the bottom of the caps off and shook the contents out into a jar. Simplest solution yet!

One affordable source of clean ascorbic acid powder:
Here's why I chose this one:
We use only 100% pure pharmaceutical grade L-ascorbic acid USP-FCC* (C6H8O6) which contains no corn residue, plant antigens, or protein impurities. Individuals allergic to corn or yeast can use this product with confidence. pH 2.1† Made without Gluten or GMOs

@Veet Here's a long thread on PR about it too


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Thanks for this. I wonder why I keep seeing references to stick blender, rather than normal blender? I still don't relish holding a stick blender for several minutes.

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