List of immune studies?

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    I apologize if this is already listed somewhere - I've seen bits and pieces of studies but can't find a complete list of the immune studies a specialist might do. I saw a PA at Stanford a year and a half ago and no immune studies were done - possibly if I returned to see Dr.Montoya they would be, but I don't feel well enough to fly across the country at this point. I'm hoping to be able to take a complete list to a local doctor and see what he'll do. Has anyone else had immune studies done at Stanford or I also saw someone mention Dr.Klimas did a full study on her. I'm aware of NK cells and did see CD19, CD4 and CD3 mentioned in various posts, but if it's not already on here, I think it'd be great and would so appreciate having a list of at least the most pertinent ones for those of us who can't get to a specialist. Thanks!
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