Lithium Orotate 5mg (low dose)


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Anyone work with it? I've known about it for years but never had a need...but feeling a lowness with chronic OA pain. Reading about how as one gets older too, this mineral depletes...So maybe at about 80, this mineral is low in my body. My muscle testing says, Yes.

I bought a 5mg bottle and will work with it but finding too some talk of other brands working better.

So wondering anyone here have knowledge on L.O.?

BTW: There are many many lines on Lithium Orotate.

This is otc product so not a major pharma drug. Dr. Jonathan Wright is a major proponent of this mineral.


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Think I will not continue. I just about went thru a bottle taking 10mg daily and didn't feel much change.

Someone mentioned taking Tyrosine now and then for a lift and I think I'll try that amino acid. It can elevate blood pressure, so caution if that's an issue.


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I've been using LO for about six weeks now. I was taking 5 mg 3x daily until yesterday, when I cut back to 2x daily. I started taking it to help with depression and anxiety, and to just get the overexcitability of my nervous system under control. It took nearly three weeks to really notice the effect. I felt more balanced and calm. I actually cut back because it seems to be dampening my emotions too much at 15 mg/day.

There is an important point I have to mention about me that may not apply to you. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder in 2009. Unfortunately, I didn't stay convinced of that diagnosis, and quit my medication (lamotragine) in 2014. :bag: In hindsight, I can see how my life gradually deteriorated thereafter -- gradually, because this is bipolar 2 (depression and hypomania), not bipolar 1 (true mania)!

Anyway, fast forward to a couple weeks ago, when I noticed the difference the LO was having. I had been living for four years off meds and believing that I had been misdiagnosed. However, when I saw how much better I was with the LO, I realized that my 2009 diagnosis was probably correct after all. For the first time in months, I'm feeling hopeful about being able to go back to work soon! :)

One of the great things about LO is that you don't need nearly as much elemental lithium from it to get a therapeutic effect as you need from lithium carbonate, the prescription. Maintenance doses for LC start as 600 mg, which contains about 112 mg of elemental lithium. All that lithium is why you need blood tests while on the prescription drug and why it can cause kidney damage. There is a theory that the orotate ligand helps the lithium cross the blood-brain barrier more easily than the carbonate ligand or the free lithium ion can, so less is needed to get enough where it's supposed to be.

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