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Long interview with Dr. Mikovits. Much of it is too complicated for me to understand without doing research. Dr. Mikovits, though, appears to believe a corrupt medical research system caused her downfall. Maybe others can parse out what she is saying.

I was suprised Courtney Craig said this:

"you maintained your integrity through all of it and the other characters in this book, I don’t know if I can say the same thing about."

It's definitely not an investigational interview - it's more like a lovefest.

Dr. Mikovits was described to me as a serial liar by a researcher I trust. I vividly remember her lying to me at a conference. She promised a lot she never delivered on, she said XRMV was going to be worse than HIV/AIDS in Africa, she said on TV it was likely in mothers breast milk, once XMRV started going down she said there was a conspiracy, she said she was going to show unique gene sequences - (she never did), she made silly mistakes on the big fed study, she told patients not to enroll in the SolveCFS Biobank, she trashed people left and right privately, she said she was going to ruin Dr. Peterson.....then she ultimately disavowed XMRIV but it seems not ????

She basically drove the WPI into the ground with her unprofessional statements...I'm surprised they made it out alive. I'm glad they did.

Dr. Mikovits - still the conspiracy...

Judy: Oh, absolutely and that’s my biggest frustration, sadness is the way this whole XMRV thing was handled and spun as I mentioned earlier, was really deliberate to hurt this patient community. And in fact while they--the NIH, the FDA, anybody else, CDC--they put up smokescreens about, “Oh yeah, we’re going to do this research and we are going to get answers,” the fact is that it’s gotten worse.

I'm obviously a huge skeptic but Dr. Mikovits is still going, she has quite a few supporters and she's talking some very complex stuff. She's very smart....and she and Dr. Ruscetti are continuing the search for viruses I guess. At the very least she's an interesting person :)
Judy: Well again, Kent and I discussed it, it was Kent’s idea and that’s exactly it. It’s a plague of corruption. It’s a situation where the entire medical research system is broken. As I mentioned, you can’t succeed and this is detailed that is why we talked about my early life and how you get grants and how it matters to work with the right people and what you are doing.

She worked in that medical system for her entire career......

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