Looking at an RA study with ME/CFS eyes

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I ended up here somehow... I think I was looking for what Pubmed might have on people living drug free, or tapering off drugs, or refusing drug regimens, etc.

Sustained biologic-free and drug-free remission in rheumatoid arthritis, where are we now?

It reminds me so much of CFS/ME though. Especially the direction some of the research is taking Here again we have cytokines being targeted by monoclonal antibodies (mostly). And if it's true that these things are "germs" that try to hide by mimicking our proteins (thus causing our body to attack itself), then it would make sense that you'd only need it temporarily. Assuming that the germ is self limiting. If it's not, then you're better off letting the body fight.

Once again I wonder why it seems simpler for scientists to study, and even remedy, the alarm sounds and not the fire itself. There must be a reason. Maybe 50 different fires can all set off the same alarm? I wish I could say.

The part that really makes it obvious that we're likely to be dealing with individual germs is the part about contraindications in this guide to biologicals for GPs in Australia:


(When I say germs I'm using the layman's term to mean any pathological virus, bacteria or fungus. I assume people have guessed, but just in case.... sometimes a layman's word can be very eloquent.)

It would be an improvement if we had biologicals available for ME/CFS but first we'd have to have an idea of which cytokines to fight.I believe there are scientists already working on that, and I'm thankful. I wonder if they have the same idea, I mean to use biologicals, once we have a cytokine map?

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