Looking for Adult survivors of childhood onset ME/CFS

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    Newly formed group of adults is looking to connect with those who developed ME/CFS as young children. The group hopes to link individuals who as young children experienced similar ways in which the disease shaped our lives. For those of us who became sick prior to the years before the WHO listing, Incline VIllage, Osler's Web, etc. the path was unusually lonely. The internet has finally enabled us to find each other and share our commonality through the struggles and rare moments of victory over the disease with those who uniquely understand our path.

    Several in the group are looking to find peers that experienced onset of ME/CFS during cluster outbreaks of 1985 Lydonville, NY and 1979 Southhamptonm, UK cluster outbreak.

    Group is Adult Survivors of Childhood Onset ME/CFS on Facebook.