Looking for genetic testing that hasn't been nerfed!


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I had genetic testing done through 23andme several years ago. The data I got from the test has proven useful, and I'd like to recommend the testing the others, but since the v. 5 chip came out last year, many important SNPs are now missing from their test, so it's not really worthwhile anymore IMO.

Can anyone recommend another good testing service that can be ordered from home, without a practitioner getting involved, that provides genetic testing for SNPs that are relevant to methylation, detoxification, etc (i.e. clinically relevant data)? I'd like to do testing for my wife, and I'd like to test again myself to expand on and verify what I already have (for example, I have nothing on SUOX but I suspect I have a problem there).

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good testing service that can be ordered from home, without a practitioner getting involved

Wow, it's possible to have this ordered by an MD? Probably functional MD, right? I didn't consider this option.

I did find a company in India doing full genome reports/analysis for about what you'd expect, around $1200, but the blood draw is your responsibility to pay.

I'm hoping some of the direct to consumer labs (see my only resource posted) will offer the blood draws for full genome tests. But they already may offer the specific one you mentioned. It would probably be limited by interest area, for example they will test the two celiac genes that are proven to play a part (so far). No harm in calling them and asking how you can get what you need.

I'l try to find that india full genome one, and edit this.

Edit: didn't find that one, but did find this: https://www.fullgenomes.com/

Not sure if that's what you're looking for or not. But I would warn that some of the gen testing companies I've encountered were either frauds or involved in a merger which made them behave like a fraud. Get a human on the phone. I mean, seriously, you're going to pay them a few hundred dollars up to over a thousand. Get a human, inquire about stability , whether they outsource any testing, etc... and ask about HIPPA. 23andme makes it very safe, but when searching for another company, the waters are more choppy.

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