Low BP and recent OI problems

I had an ME/CFS diagnosis a long time ago - 2008, and was ill before that for some years. I have hugely improved since then, apart from one thing, which is my Blood Pressure that is low but especially the diastolic. I have BP notes from 2014 so I know it's similar to then, in the 50s and now I have sorted the rest out, I can see that this issue perhaps explains a lot more than I realised.

I am aged 72 and suddenly I have developed in addition to the low BP/low diastolic, a problem with feeling very fatigued and wobbly and with frequent migraines and difficulty in lying to sitting, and then to standing. I have read that it's a particular problem with elderly people, but since I have very low BP to start with, this is an extra complication. I did previously have a bit of a problem with standing for long, but it was very slight in comparison with this.

I am very pleased to find a nice long thread on the subject and will dig in, as I am keen to try things to help. I found the article on using rehydration treatment to be very interesting, and so am in the throes of trying this, though this morning's trial was not terribly successful, but I will keep trying as I do need to drink more. I am due to have an operation in October so I am keen to improve this issue before then if possible.

I also have high haemoglobin - does anyone else have this? I checked my UK NHS record, and it seems to have been high in range for a long time but has only just been picked up as it went slightly above range.

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