Low-effort, high-impact advocacy opportunity for anyone with ME/CFS living in Utah, Mississippi, West Virginia, or Maine


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As we all know, the biggest roadblock to treatment for our illness is the lack of government funding for research. I’m part of a group of experienced American patient advocates working to secure ME/CFS funding from Congress.

I have ME/CFS and live in one of these states. What would I need to do?

Let me know you’re interested! Either here or via email (jouathac@gmail.com).

Our team will arrange a phone meeting (at a time that works for you) between your senator’s office, a member of our team, and you. You won’t need to speak a single word during the meeting if you don’t want to—just your presence on the phone will be enough. Politicians’ offices won’t talk to advocates like us without a constituent involved, and having an advocate join to speak for you is a common and accepted thing.

The meeting will last around 30 minutes, during which our advocate, who has extensive congressional advocacy experience and has run dozens of these meetings before, will inform the staffer about ME/CFS using the facts of how underfunded and debilitating it is. This makes it much likelier for their boss to support ME/CFS funding.

And that’s it! We take care of as much of the process for you as we can.

Why only these four states?

These are the only target states which our team hasn’t already found a constituent with ME/CFS to work with.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I can also be reached via email at jouathac@gmail.com. Thanks!

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