Magnesium Deficiency & Osteoporosis


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I've probably been taking Mg for well over 20 yrs and don't take much calcium at all except my foods. And D3 and K2.

Talking to some other health group and a member is about to start on Fosamax and talk about the dangers of this drug and others like it. You can do the research.

Be on top of the magnesium and take the best form for your body and issues. Good to get labs done now and then, MD's just don't go there without patients "asking".


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hi jamin. so good to see you, i was wondering what happened to you. glad ive found you. i thought pro health was closed. one day last wk i just typed it in and up it popped. mikie told me about this site. i was so surprised to see you.

i remember your hip operation, and went through that journey with you, how is it doing?

tc, joanierav


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So good to hear from you..there are several other old PH members here too. The hip replacement was good 5 months post op and then all went downhill. Never thought I'd end up like I have. That was in late 2010.

Knee and foot/ankle have been affected and every day is a reminder of that hip job.

Otherwise I'm good, and 80 soon.

I'm a member too at another pretty busy forum that has Everything to talk about and if you have an interest let me know and I'll send you the info.

PH was just too chatty for me after some good years of health info and making friends. Talk later. jam


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Magnesium glycinate..........I take almost every day. Just wanted to add that Orgono G5 Siliplant (Silica) of the best supplements for osteoporosis!
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jamin. thanks for the quick reply. well we had fun while it lasted on ph, we were a tight group then. i am older than you are. hard to believe i even made it. can we pm on this site? still getting used to navigating on here.

so nice catching up with you. i will watch for you, and your always informative posts.



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Hey old friend, yes there were good times on PH...I love to find answers to puzzles with my health and one big one has been Grape Seed Extract...and I know I was passionate about this antioxidant back on PH as I've been taking it since 1995. Hardly missed a day except when I had hip replacement surgery as one has to get off all supps when doing surgery.

How have you been --

To do PM, maybe one goes to username and go from there...I haven't used that function much here I don't think...jam

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