Major Medical Breakthrough found in Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility

Aidan Walsh

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Tulane University Neuro Science Center & their Hypermobility Clinic in Louisiana, New Orleans believe they have found the cause of EDS 3 HEDS HSD issues with genetic mutations in B-9 Folate A1298C & C677T.

They mention standard folic acid is not being properly metabolized they even said we know what this is & we know how to treat this now.

They are using a methyl B-9 vitamin called Methyltetrahydrofolate. They went on to say it would help millions across the globe. I know one person now who has 2 copies of the C677T Gene others told me they have one of each gene mentioned above A1298C & C677T.

I know some are deficient in other vitamins/minerals so are adding these methyl vitamins as well.

The gene A1298C I searched Google mentions not to use any Gluten food I imagine it is because they add folic acid & says not to consume Sugar at all.

This gene is tied to Polyps/Bowel Cancer & another Tumor called a (GIST) Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor which is linked to (AML) Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
Maybe it is the Gluten sugar doing this as well?

I also read on A1298C that countless medicines are to be avoided aspirin & ibuprofen & others, maybe from blood thinner issues or ingredients, I am not sure.

Synthetic Folic Acid is likely avoided & is in countless vitamins/minerals. I am sure this now is in ME/CFS Fibro Lymies the Folate issues. I have been diagnosed with all of these conditions...


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Aidan Walsh

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I am now using a product called Active Folate which is methyl folate gluten-free & sugar-free I bought at Holland & Barrett in the UK 60 capsules once daily with water cost was only £12.99, if you cannot tolerate methyl folate use Folinic Acid, not folic acid. B-12 Methyl folate is also added slowly low go slow

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