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This looks very promising..It's a great validation of what Jenn and her partners have accomplished...We can help them out by thanking Britdoc

I am thrilled to announce that Canary in a Coal Mine has been chosen as one of eight films to participate in Britdoc's Good Pitch New York!!!

"Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policy makers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues - to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society."

BRITDOC is all helping documentaries achieve the broadest reach and greatest impact on the world. We are so excited to have the opportunity these next many months to work with them on developing a killer outreach campaign and expanding our circle of allies.

You can see the full lineup of Good Pitch New York films here:

And learn more about BRITDOC here:

Here's how you can help:

1) Head on over to the BRITDOC Facebook page to say THANK YOU for this amazing opportunity to broaden the film's reach beyond the ‪#‎mecfs‬ community and find new allies and audiences: What impact do you hope the film will have on the world?

2) Please share your ideas here: or in the comments below about who those allies could be. We get to invite anyone we think might be a potential partner for the film's outreach campaign. What organizations, foundations, or individual activists working in science, health, human rights, women's rights, disability rights, patient's rights, or the environment could be natural allies for Canary in a Coal Mine? How do we best connect the disease and the film to the broader issues they represent represent?

THANK YOU BRITDOC!!! We're really big fans of your work.

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