Man recovers from ME/CFS-like adrenal problem with surgery

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    I'm not sure if this is ME/CFS, but it certainly sounds like it. And there's already a lot out there about how thyroid and adrenals are linked. But the problem is, often you can't do anything about the insights. This man actually pioneered a new surgery to remove the medulla of his adrenal glands and recovered. The story has elements of dysautonomia in it too.

    Really interesting story. I certainly feel like I have way too much adrenaline, nearly all the time. I've been actively looking for ways to slow or stop the adrenaline. Unfortunately SNRIs have horrible side effects on me, but unless I'm mistaken they would have a similar effect as the drug he was using by IV. (If I could tolerate it, it would probably really help.)
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    This man started out with mono which is EBV. One of the things I learned from Anthony William is that adrenaline is one of several things that can act as fuel for the virus. Perhaps lessening the adrenaline was enough to allow the virus to go dormant?
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